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2014-09-12 11:45:20 -0800 commented answer How to get the path setup by ODL controller?

Hi Chris, by "check the flow table of the device", do you mean a switch in the topology? If so, what is the command I need to use to get that information?

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2014-09-03 20:45:28 -0800 asked a question ODL Path API

Hi, given a pair of hosts, (source, destination), I would like to get all possible paths between them. I've used TopologyManager API before but it allows us to discover the entire topology. I notice that there is a Path API (org.opendaylight.controller.sal.core.Path) which has methods to discover if a given set of edges constitute a path.

Is it possible to use Path API in conjunction with TopologyManager/SwitchManager APIs to get all paths between a pair of hosts?

Thank in advance.

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2014-09-03 17:14:23 -0800 asked a question How to get the path setup by ODL controller?


I have a custom topology created using mininet with multiple paths between a pair of hosts (topology script below). Ping between the hosts works. But I would like to know which path has been selected by the opendaylight controller.

traceroute from host 1 just prints the following:

root@ubuntu:~/Desktop# traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets  1 (  0.304 ms  0.135 ms  0.187 ms

Multipath Mininet Topology Script:

def mpTopo():
    "Create an empty network and add nodes to it."

    info( '*** Adding controller\n' )
    ctrlr = lambda n: RemoteController(n, ip='')
    net = Mininet(controller=ctrlr)
    c0 = net.addController('c0')    

    info( '*** Adding hosts\n' )
    leftHost = net.addHost('h1')
    rightHost = net.addHost('h2')

    info( '*** Adding switch\n' )
    leftSwitch = net.addSwitch('s3')
    rightSwitch = net.addSwitch('s4')
    thirdSwitch = net.addSwitch('s5')

    info( '*** Creating links\n' )
    net.addLink(leftHost, leftSwitch)
    net.addLink(leftSwitch, rightSwitch)
    net.addLink(rightSwitch, rightHost)
    net.addLink(rightSwitch, thirdSwitch)
    net.addLink(leftSwitch, thirdSwitch)

    info( '*** Starting network\n')

    info( '*** Running CLI\n' )

    info( '*** Stopping network' )

if __name__ == '__main__':
    setLogLevel( 'info' )

EDIT: I ran wireshark tool to capture "lo" interface traffic and applied "of" filter. It also just shows the mac addresses of two hosts as source and destination when I ran ping command. I could not figure out which path has been chosen. Attached screenshot. I'm not sure where I'm wrong. Please advise.


Please help. Thanks.

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2014-08-12 15:53:03 -0800 asked a question Using iperf/cbench with ODL

Hi, I vaguely understand that tools like cbench/iperf are useful for performance studies. I basically understand how such parameterized tools work but not in the context of studying the performance of a specific sdn application such as load balancer.

Look forward to hearing suggestions.


2014-08-12 15:36:52 -0800 answered a question Difference between MDSAL and ADSAL

Read here

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2014-07-03 15:36:58 -0800 asked a question Problem with TopologyManager API


I've implemented IListenDataPacket interface in my OSGi component and would like to get the list of nodes attached to the NodeConnector ("port") or Node ("Switch") on which a packet is received. I used the getHostsAttachedToNodeConnector(nodeConnector) method in ITopologyManager.

Though I get the port and switch information of the packet correctly (checked with print statements), the above mentioned method call from ITopologyManager always returns "null". Any idea on what could be the problem?

I tested this component with a basic linear topology using mininet.


P.S.: I can view the corresponding topology of my mininet command in GUI. So I assume the topology database is populated. But not sure why these methods return null.