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You are right, i didnt store anything and didnt do a POST / PUT before sending a GET request. What i basically did, is, connecting mininet to controller, do a pingall, so that all switches and host get "discovered". After a certain event which rises, after pingall, i request the nodes

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that did the trick. thanks it works now

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I'm saving and reading a custom model to/from md-sal, which contains a list. The list contains some elements in a specific order, before i store the model, the list has the proper ordering. (expected ordering) After reading the same from md-sal, the order of elements is changed. I had expected, that the list elements would remain in the same ordering, as the java list interface specifies that the ordering will preserved. Is there some way to preserve changes to the order. I know its bad practice to rely on ordering of elements, i'm just wondering why it is like that.. Can anyone acknowloedge this behaviour ?

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try following in your features.xml <bundle>mvn:org.apache.httpcomponents/httpclient-osgi/<version></bundle> <bundle>mvn:org.apache.httpcomponents/httpcore-osgi/<version></bundle> replace version with the concrete version number, installed in maven repository. Comment, if it works pls.

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As you say, that the error is thrown in karaf, be sure, that you specified the bundle in your features.xml, so that apache karaf is able to resolve dependencies

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2015-07-29 04:22:57 -0700 asked a question Requesting Data via dataBroker returns null, but via RestAPI works


I generally try to fetch some daat from openDaylight operational datastore. However if i follow the approach, using InstanceIdentifiers, read from datastore like following lines:

TopologyId topoId = new TopologyId("flow:1");
InstanceIdentifier<Topology> topoIdentifier = InstanceIdentifier
     .child(Topology.class, new TopologyKey(topoId)).toInstance();
CheckedFuture<Optional<Topology>, ReadFailedException> topoFuture =
     (CheckedFuture<Optional<Topology>, ReadFailedException>) dataBroker
     LogicalDatastoreType.OPERATIONAL, topoIdentifier);

Optional<Topology> topologyOpt = null;

try {
   if (topoFuture.isDone())
      topologyOpt = topoFuture.get();
} catch (InterruptedException | ExecutionException e1) {

But topologyOpt.isPresent() returns false. When I do the same via REST API, calling following url:


I get a valid response. What is wrong with my first approach ? In my case, this appears not only on topology, the same result ist when requesting nodes or other stuff. Is there some basic point, I'm missing ? Does anyone got the same issue. Working on ODL-helium. All the code is running in a self developed application, based on toaster example

Any help will be appreciated.

2015-07-25 05:24:33 -0700 commented question getDataBrokerDependency() returns null

solved.. there wasnt any error in my code...for anybody who has similar issues, just recompile the controller.. that fixed my issue

2015-07-25 04:42:23 -0700 asked a question getDataBrokerDependency() returns null


Im trying to build my own odl application. However im not able to use the databroker. I already defined it, in yang model in config xml and so on. Pretty similar like it is done in any other odl example project (l2switch, toaster). But when getting the reference of DataBroker, it is in my application always null. Can anyone tell me why ? There must be some point I'm missing.. i did following:

  1. yang file

    import opendaylight-md-sal-binding { prefix mdsal; revision-date 2013-10-28; }
    augment "/config:modules/config:module/config:configuration" {
      case path-builder-impl {
        when "/config:modules/config:module/config:type = 'path-builder-impl'";
          container notification-service {
            uses config:service-ref {
              refine type {
                mandatory true;
                config:required-identity mdsal:binding-notification-service;
          container data-broker {
               uses config:service-ref {
                   refine type {
                      mandatory false;
                      config:required-identity mdsal:binding-async-data-broker;
  2. the config,xml (in my case 05-pathbuilder.xml)

        <type xmlns:binding="urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:controller:md:sal:binding">binding:binding-async-data-broker</type>

There arent any compiling issues, the notificationService works like expected... but when using


it returns null..

Using ODL Helium release

Pls help me..

2015-07-23 15:42:34 -0700 asked a question debugging odl in eclipse


I try to use the debugging mode of odl within eclipse, but the solutions proposed in the tutorials is not working for me. I build controller (helium) from stable/helium branch, using the karaf distribution (freshly installed, no further features installed).

 ./karaf debug

even posts that its listening on port 5005, but it eclipse im not able to connect to jvm. i even checked with nmap, but nothing is listening on port 5005. For debugging purposes i installed odl-restconf and l2switch, l2switch src code imported to eclipse, to have a project available in debug scope.

Any help is appreciated!