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2015-07-15 06:28:37 -0700 asked a question Not able to get the nodes topology at the Odl web UI


I have integrated the odl with openstack kilo, using the devstack and odl, devstack uses the networking-odl to integrate the odl. it internally uses the Lithium opendaylight in integration,

i am able to see the openvswitches in the UI. but i am not able the nodes in ODL UI , after launching the vms at openstack ,

br-ex,br-int is connected controller in cotroller node and br-int is set to the manager. in compute node also, br-int is set manager as well as the controller of the odl

2015-07-15 06:22:56 -0700 asked a question openstack new compute node replaces the existing compute node with devstack and odl integration


I have three node setup, one is controller+ compute node and two compute nodes. when i add the compute node, the nova-manage service list data is replaced with new compute node.

please can you help me out .

local.conf compute node disableallservices enableservice tempest enableservice rabbit enableservice n-cpu enableservice neutron enable plugin networking-odl enable service odl-compute ODLMODE=compute ODLMGRIP=controller ip QPLUGIN=ml2 QML2PLUGINMECHANISMDRIVERS=opendaylight [[post-config|/etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini]]

[agent] minimize_polling=True

[ml2_odl] url=http://controller:8087/controller/nb/v2/neutron username=admin password=admin

local.conf of controller node:

disableservice n-net enableservice n-cpu enable_service q-svc

this change odl

enable_service q-agt

enableservice n-cond enableservice q-dhcp enableservice q-l3 enableservice q-meta enableservice neutron enableservice horizon enableservice n-novnc enableservice n-xvnc enableservice n-crt enableservice n-cauth

QML2PLUGINTYPEDRIVERS=vlan,flat,local QML2TENANTNETWORKTYPE=vlan QUSESECGROUP=False ENABLETENANTTUNNELS=False ENABLETENANTVLANS=True PHYSICALNETWORK=physnet1 ML2VLANRANGES=physnet1:1000:1010 enable plugin networking-odl ODL MODE=allinone QHOST=controller ip ODLMGRIP=controller ip ODLPROVIDERMAPPINGS=physnet1:enp6s0f1 QPLUGIN=ml2 QML2PLUGINMECHANISMDRIVERS=opendaylight [[post-config|/etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2conf.ini]] [agent] minimize_polling=True

[ml2 odl] password = admin username = admin url = http://controllerip:8087/controller/nb/v2/neutron