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2015-08-12 07:25:31 -0700 answered a question Dlux yang UI is now working properly

Is the feature odl-restconf installed ?

2015-08-05 10:04:32 -0700 commented answer How to find the OpenFlow version in OpenDaylight?

Hmm, can you trace the traffic to the controller and see what is sent in the version field of the OF packet (switch->controller)?

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2015-08-05 10:01:49 -0700 commented question How can I set network-topology with RESTCONF?

/config/ is the "desired state" (no default state -> no data in there), but your live topology is visible in the operational tree, so that matches your observation. This is the split between config / operation inherited from the NETCONF standard.

2015-08-04 13:53:19 -0700 answered a question How to find the OpenFlow version in OpenDaylight?

There is the switch to karaf: ./karaf -of13

2015-08-04 13:52:02 -0700 commented question How can I set network-topology with RESTCONF?

Is e.g. openvswitch or a real switch attached ? Try also the yangui within dlux. This allows you to easily explore the rest calls.

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2015-08-03 07:49:04 -0700 answered a question How do I create a project using Maven and an archetype called in ODL Helium-SR3/4 version

These features have been added during the Lithium Release cycle. The tutorial also points to the snapshot repositories (master).

You have these options:

a) Use the lithium release or master

b) Setup your project using the archetype (on master) and then roll-back the dependencies to Helium versions. This might or might not work easily.

c) Setup your plugin from scratch against Helium using the archetype just as example.

2015-08-03 06:21:24 -0700 answered a question dependencies.dependency.version for * is missing

Did you setup .m2/settins.xml for opendaylight ?

2015-07-31 11:26:04 -0700 answered a question How to access ADSAL app on ODL Lithium Apache Karaf Distribution

Most of the ADSAL is deprecated since Lithium. You'll have to port the app to MDSAL.

2015-07-31 11:25:23 -0700 answered a question Web-State 'Failed' in ODL Karaf distribution

Most ADSAL parts are deprecated and removed since the Lithium release. You'll have to port to MD-SAL.

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2015-07-22 04:44:45 -0700 answered a question Running ADSAL applications on ODL Lithium

ADSAL is mostly deprecated starting with Lithium. You'll need to migrate to MDSAL.

2015-07-22 04:36:01 -0700 answered a question Isssue with homepage

You installed the HELIUM release probably.


2015-07-22 04:34:48 -0700 answered a question Error with home page

Note the difference between the DLUX urls :

  • HELIUM which uses <ip>:8181/dlux/index.html and</ip>
  • LITHIUM which uses <ip>:8181/index.html </ip>


2015-07-09 04:38:23 -0700 answered a question Failing to develop ping plugin on Helium

Hi !

The repo you're referencing is a development sample and might not work. I'll look into it for helium and post and update here.

2015-07-09 01:30:53 -0700 answered a question Lithium RC2 feature install error on ARMv8 platform

The message means there is no native ARMv8 build of the libleveldbjni in the maven repositories available.

IIRC it is possible to build leveldbjni for armv8 - but I don't know how to inject the dependency.

Tracking as bug .