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2015-06-23 07:46:22 -0800 asked a question flow is added but I can not ping

I have added end to end flow between two hosts and I can see the flows in the switches (flow table) but my problem is that I can not ping two hosts from each other. In other words there is end to end path between two hosts but I can not ping them. How can I debug this kind of issue ? I have used following template for the flow

{ "flow": [ { "id": "4015", "match": { "in-port": "4", "ethernet-match": { "ethernet-type": { "type": "0x800" } }, "ipv4-source": "", "ipv4-destination": "" }, "instructions": { "instruction": [ { "order": "0", "apply-actions": { "action": [ { "order": "0", "output-action": { "output-node-connector": "2" } } ] } } ] }, "priority": "6000", "table_id": "100", "idle-timeout": "1000" } ] }

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2015-06-12 10:22:57 -0800 asked a question Netwotk topology change notification service

Hi, I want to use subscription service in order to detect link failures in my program. I have subscribed to this service using POST command and following data content: <input xmlns="urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:controller:md:sal:remote"/> <path xmlns:a="urn:TBD:params:xml:ns:yang:network-topology">/a:network-topology/a:topology[a:topology-id=\'flow:1\']</path> <datastore xmlns="urn:sal:restconf:event:subscription">OPERATIONAL</datastore> <scope xmlns="urn:sal:restconf:event:subscription">SUBTREE</scope>

flow:1 is the network topology ID that I can retrieve my topology.

I have tried to change my network topology and check the following link for the notifications but there is no change in this link ( it is empty): http://localhost:8181/restconf/streams/stream/network-topology:network-topology/network-topology:topology/flow:1/datastore=OPERATIONAL/scope=SUBTREE

Is there any difference between pcep-topology information and the topology Id that I have used ? What is wrong with my approach ? Thanks

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2015-05-21 11:11:56 -0800 answered a question adding a flow using C++

What should I do. I guess the problem is originated from the controller but we don't know how to find it. Would you please give me some guidelines to find the problem. In addition, I have tested by using the Postman application as well. The flow have been added to config but not operational datastore.

2015-05-20 08:35:35 -0800 commented question ODL helium 0.2.2 returns 404 Not found with Operational Datastore in GET using cURL

Any response ?

2015-05-20 08:05:19 -0800 answered a question flows in controller but not in CPqD switch

I have the same problem. The flow can be added successfully in the config mode but it is not added to operational mode. This question asked before as well but there is no response yet

2015-05-19 19:23:22 -0800 asked a question adding a flow using C++

Hi, I have written a piece of code using C++ in order to send a PUT request (add a flow to the switch). I have used boost library in order to do this. The problem is that there is a communication between the controller and my code (Response code is 200) but the flow is not added to the controller and the switch. We have used Yang in order to add a flow and it was added successfully but when I want to add a new flow using PUT request in C++ it is not possible. There is no error and message passing between the code and controller is fine.