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2015-07-01 23:25:44 -0700 asked a question How to update path in odl remote controller?

I have found the shortest path between two hosts in a topology and want to update that path in the odl remote controller......Please tell me how to do that?

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2015-06-03 04:31:29 -0700 asked a question while Running ODL-SDNi Application and Checking ODL-SDNi App Output why some of the QOS parmeters always come zero

I am working on a use case that demands non zero values of all the QOS parameters. can you suggest any method to do so?

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2015-05-13 05:08:38 -0700 asked a question how can we set bandwidth for different in a particular network topology??

I am working in a use case and I am required to assign different bandwidth for different switches. How this can be done using ODL.