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2015-10-17 07:01:04 -0700 marked best answer Debug logs not getting displayed

I'm a Java as well as ODL noob, sok please bear with me. I'm trying to get my hands dirty with Controller's code by trying to understand the SimpleForwarding module. As a first step, I tried to put a few log.debug()s in the code. Then, I successfully installed the SimpleForwarding bundle and tried to see my logs, but they don't get displayed. Then, I went and updated a which was getting printed on the console of another module (StatisticsProvider) and updated the message. Again, successful mvn install, restarted the ODL server, but still can't see the updated message. Where might I be going wrong

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2014-11-18 02:05:33 -0700 commented answer how to club DLUX and CONTROLLER in karaf

Sorry. My bad. By the way the pre-build Karaf distribution is working fine for me. It seems a little heavy on the memory, but that's about it

2014-11-18 02:04:08 -0700 commented answer Does Helium support AD_SAL?

Hey devverma, can you pls click on the little tick on the left and accept this answer and close the question. And then pls open a new question about adding feature in ODL Karaf distribution.Sorry not trying to be a pain but we need to maintain sanity here and I really don't know the answer

2014-11-18 01:46:41 -0700 answered a question how to club DLUX and CONTROLLER in karaf

If you want to see the Dlux UI, you can install the gui features:

opendaylight-user@root> features:list | grep dlux
opendaylight-user@root> features:install odl-dlux-all
opendaylight-user@root> features:install odl-dlux-core

To see the new DLUX UI, you can now point your Web browser to


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2014-11-17 04:30:16 -0700 answered a question Why is AD-SAL docs dissapeared from opendaylight wiki?

Hi, it looks like it was a Jenkins job failure. However, the link is up now. To clarify, AD-SAL REST APIs are not deprecated. You need to add the adsal feature explicitly to enable these APIs. Please refert to the following answer for more clarification :

2014-11-17 04:21:29 -0700 answered a question Does Helium support AD_SAL?

Helium DOES support "AD-SAL style" REST APIs. You need to enable adsal feature in karaf. Please refer to following answer to enable AD-SAL REST API :

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2014-11-16 10:17:39 -0700 commented question Use of RESTCONF v/s REST API

I'm basically using ALL the REST APIs from TopologyManager , SwitchManager, Statistics Manager, FlowProgrammer and ConnectionManager. Is the info I get and the config I can set available in the RESTCONF API as well ?

2014-11-14 05:45:36 -0700 answered a question Problem working with Hydrogen and Mininet

I have faced issues with mininet when running it on the same host. However, when mininet and ODL (Hydrogen Base edition) are running on different VMs/hosts it works fine. There is no need for any Virtualization software if you have 2 different hosts on the same LAN. In order to develop applications, you should take a look at the sample applications in the source code : SimpleForwarding and Loadbalancer. Please refer to for more explainations.

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2014-11-14 04:57:39 -0700 answered a question Not able to use remote JConsole or VisualVM sessions when ODL is running on Linux

I got a fix/workaround folks : Add "-Djava.rmi.server.hostname=<ip or hostname>" to the starting arguments. So:

./ -jmx -start -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=<ip or hostname of Linux Box> fixes the issue.

Should I send a patch for this inside the script ?

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Warning : Next step is to try Performance monitoring with Jmeter

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2014-11-13 23:16:43 -0700 asked a question Not able to use remote JConsole or VisualVM sessions when ODL is running on Linux

I am facing a strange problem. When I run ODL on a Linux box (Ubuntu 12.04) and try to connect a remote session of wither jconsole or visualvm, I don't get connected. However, if I run ODL on a Mac, both local as well as remote session of jconsole or visvualvm work correctly.

I'm running ODL in all cases as :

./ -jmx -start

And I'm ensuring that for both jconsole as well as visualvm I'm specifying the JMX port as 1088.

Additionally, I've checked that there are no iptable rules or any firewall service like ufw running on the Linux boxes. In fact, I could telnet on the Linux box on port 1088.

Any ideas, what I maybe doing wrong here ?

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2014-11-12 22:48:32 -0700 asked a question Use of RESTCONF v/s REST API

I understand that Helium uses the MD-SAL based RESTCONF API (when not using odl-adsal-compatibility feature) and Hydrogen used the AD-SAL based REST API. I have written a Management application which calls all the AD-SAL REST APIs. So, will this AD-SAL REST API support be there always ? Currently, MD-SAL RESTCONF does not give as much info as the REST API. Is this going to be expanded, so that if AD-SAL is not going to be supported, I can get the same info from the RESTCONF APIs ?

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2014-07-14 23:27:06 -0700 asked a question What exactly are inactive hosts?

I gathered that active hosts are those who have been discovered by ODL, say, via ping between hosts. But what exactly are inactive hosts ?

2014-07-14 23:25:15 -0700 asked a question How to calculate the number of Hosts per node ?

Neither the SwitchManager nor Topology REST APIs help to figure out the number of hosts associated with each Node. The only way to do it seems to be to get the hosts from HostTracker and match the nodeID or nodeConnectorID agains the nodes from SwitchManager. Is this the only way of going about it, or am I missing something here ?

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2014-06-20 06:09:07 -0700 commented answer What is the REST API to delete the ports in Subnet Gateway configuration

We have already checked the REST API exposed by OpenDaylight, but this one doesn't seem to be present

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2014-06-13 06:03:00 -0700 asked a question What is the REST API to delete the ports in Subnet Gateway configuration

In order to add ports through REST API, I had to first create a Subnet using PUT and then add the ports information and execute a POST API. However, I cannot figure out a way to remove these ports. Since the dlux UI typically uses the REST API calls directly, I figure there has to be some direct REST API to do this. Can anyone help me in this ?

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