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2016-01-14 08:15:02 -0700 answered a question odl-ovsdb-openstack feature Karaf

The upstream OpenDaylight Ansible role and Puppet module do this, so I suggest using them as examples (or just consuming ansible-opendaylight, if that makes sense in your usecase).

It seems like you have the basics of how to do this correct, there's not an obvious step you're missing. You can add features you want installed at Karaf boot to featuresBoot, as shown here for Ansible and here for Puppet.

The featuresRepositories section just needs to match the ODL version you're installing, you shouldn't need to mess with it. Specifically, it needs this repo to find ODL features (for the correct ODL version). Else, running feature:list at the Karaf shell will show no ODL-specific features.

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2015-10-17 07:01:42 -0700 marked best answer OpenDaylight Performance Results

Where can I find OpenDaylight performance test results?

I found this wiki, but there's a pretty limited amount of information there.

2015-10-17 07:01:30 -0700 marked best answer What ports does Helium expose?

If all features were installed, what would be the set of ports exposed by Helium?

These are the ones exposed by Hydrogen, according to this:

# Ports 
#    JMX:                  1088
#    Netconf:              1830
#    OSGi Console:         2400
#    Lisp Flow Mapping:    4342 # Service Provider Version
#    Internal Cluster RPC  5666
#    OpenFlow:             6633
#    ODL Clustering        7800
#    [default] Java Debug: 8000
#    ODL Web Portal:       8080
#    Netconf:              8383
#    ODL Clustering        12001

Have any been removed/changed/added?

I need this for a Helium Dockerfile, but it would be nice to document it here for others.

2015-10-17 07:01:04 -0700 marked best answer Issue non-interactive Gogo shell command

From the OSGi console, I can issue the dropAllPacketsRpc on command with no trouble. I need to issue that same command in a non-interactive mode, for a CBench performance test I'm writing.

If I put a gosh_profile file in controller/opendaylight/distribution/opendaylight/src/main/resources/etc, I can do things like change the OSGi prompt successfully. However, simply putting dropAllPacketsRpc on in that gosh_profile (like I would do with other shells) throws an error after build/run (command not found).

My two running theories are that there's another syntax for issuing non-builtin commands, or that the command I'm running hasn't been setup at the time gosh_profile is sourced, so it really doesn't exist.

Obviously I don't know much about Gogo scripts, OSGi and such. I've Googled pretty hard, but I'm having a very tough time finding relevant resources. Links are appreciated, even if you don't have a direct answer.

Update: I'm able to add any valid OSGi console statement (like dropAllPacketsRpc on) to a script, then successfully run source /path/to/ at the console. However, when I add the source command to gosh_profile, keeping the script syntax the same, I get the same consoleCommandNotFoundException: Command not found: dropAllPacketsRpc. That seems to eliminate my syntax theory and support the theory that the commands built by plugins aren't available at the time gosh_profile is sourced. That seems...hard to get around. *frustration*

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2015-10-13 13:29:22 -0700 answered a question What ports does OpenDaylight use?

The upstream OpenDaylight community is formalizing the collection of OpenDaylihgts's port information on the Ports page of OpenDaylight's main wiki.

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2015-10-13 13:27:05 -0700 asked a question What ports does OpenDaylight use?

The Karaf features configured to be installed for an OpenDaylight deployment determine which ports are exposed.

Which Karaf features open which ports? Which ports can OpenDaylight expose overall?

This is related to What ports does Helium expose?

2015-08-11 17:34:27 -0700 answered a question Problem With lithium installation

You may find the well-defined, well-documented ODL installs in the vagrant-opendaylight project to be instructive examples.

There's additional documentation about ODL install, configruation, packaigng and deployment on the Deployment ODL wiki.

2015-08-11 17:25:05 -0700 commented answer compiling controller for Helium

You build the Karaf distribution by building the `integration` repo (soon to become the `integration/distribution` repo).

2015-08-09 14:24:41 -0700 answered a question OpenDayLight practical examples in OpenStack

The OPNFV project's Arno release is basically well-vetted, largely automated install logic for deploying OpenDaylight+Open Stack.

2015-08-09 14:07:50 -0700 answered a question A working tutorial on ODL

The (very recent) OpenDaylight Summit contained 3 day-long tracks of tutorials, in addition to many 10s of other sessions that amount to tutorials. That content should be fairly high quality and in-date.

All of the videos are available on YouTube.

OpenDaylight does have a high rate of change, and definitely needs docs contributions. Please feel encouraged to fix the broken/old ODL wiki content you find!

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2015-02-06 12:52:16 -0700 answered a question Installing OpenDaylight on Openstack Controller

Dave Neary recently wrote this very nice wiki to help clarify OpenDaylight+OpenStack installs.

Flavio Fernandes has also recently done some cool work to automate/document some relevant OpenStack+ODL deployment via Vagrant.

2015-02-06 12:49:01 -0700 commented question What is the exact procedure to install opendaylight in fedora?

Please up-vote and accept an answer. Q&A sites require that feedback for good questions to bubble to the top.

2015-02-06 12:47:24 -0700 answered a question Is there any problem with the ping wiki?

The Ping wiki, as it currently stands, is for Hydrogen. The community needs someone to step up and update it for Helium (as I've pointed out a number of times). It'd be wonderful if you'd take the time to update it as you learn about OpenDaylight!

The Inocybe blog has a number of similar, but up-to-date, tutorials.

2015-01-30 08:13:40 -0700 answered a question What is the exact procedure to install opendaylight in fedora?

The process differs if you want an official release or the source itself, for development.

The Pulling, Hacking, and Pushing All the Code from the CLI wiki describes everything you'd need for getting started with a dev env.

To install an official release, simply install Java 1.7, download the tarball/zip and extract it.

Alternatively, there's a (very new) RPM, Docker image and Puppet mod you could use. I don't actually recommend this for new folks, as they are still under active development (I built them, FYI).

2015-01-30 07:49:53 -0700 answered a question Books on OpenDayLight

I'm almost positive that there aren't any dead-tree-based books about OpenDaylight yet. We're barely able to keep our wiki-based docs up-to-date at our current rate of change, let alone an actual book.

The OpenDaylight Technical Overview is a great place to get started. The ODL Getting Started Guide has many links to other good resources. The Inocybe blog has some up-to-date, very helpful videos on critical parts of OpenDaylight. I highly recommend checking those out.

I suggest letting your interests guide where you go to learn after that. A great way to both learn and contribute would be to do and refactor our Ping Example. I know it needs to be updated for Helium, but those changes should be pretty small and easy-ish to figure out.

2015-01-08 14:22:07 -0700 answered a question Traditional routing protocols and SDN

If a traditional router, say Cisco router is Openflow enabled (through update), does it then just function as a switch waiting for table entries from the controller.

Yep, pretty much. If a packet comes to the switch with a set of headers that don't match any already-programmed OpenFlow match condition, the switch sends a Packet-In message the controller with the unknown-how-to-route packet info. The controller does its work, then sends back a Flow-Mod message, which contains a match condition and an action. The switch can use that action to route the packet in question, as well as any future packets that match the given match condition (so it doesn't have to punt to the controller as much).

How does the controller become aware of path or node failures.

This is handled by various SDN controllers differently. ODL has a number of projects that collect different types of topo data, then report to Topology Manager.

2015-01-08 13:58:18 -0700 edited question Non-resolvable parent POM Error while Compiling latest OpenDayLight Code

I was able to compile and run my previous OpenDayLight Controller code, today after I did the git pull with latest code, I am no longer able to compile the code. Please find the below error while compilation:

[root@enc-test-vm1 controller]# mvn clean install -Dcheckstyle.skip=true -DskipTests
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
[ERROR] The build could not read 1 project -> [Help 1]
[ERROR]   The project org.opendaylight.controller:config-parent:0.3.0-SNAPSHOT (/root/OpenDayLight/controller/opendaylight/config/config-parent/pom.xml) has 1 error
[ERROR]     Non-resolvable parent POM: Could not find artifact org.opendaylight.yangtools:binding-parent:pom:0.7.0-SNAPSHOT and 'parent.relativePath' points at no local POM @ line 11, column 11 -> [Help 2]
[ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.
[ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
[ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles:
[ERROR] [Help 1]
[ERROR] [Help 2]
[root@enc-test-vm1 controller]#

Is the latest code is in good condition? Or do I need any changes to fix this issue?

2015-01-08 09:39:55 -0700 edited question Karaf - Unable to start blueprint container

I am trying to start Karaf on Linux server and the start server script is hanging due to blueprint container issues. Here are the error messages from data/log file:

2015-01-07 18:31:57,407 | INFO  | Event Dispatcher | BlueprintContainerImpl           | 19 - org.apache.aries.blueprint.core - 1.4.0 | Bundle is waiting for namespace handlers []
2015-01-07 18:31:57,425 | INFO  | Event Dispatcher | BlueprintContainerImpl           | 19 - org.apache.aries.blueprint.core - 1.4.0 | Bundle is waiting for namespace handlers []
2015-01-07 18:36:57,268 | ERROR | rint Extender: 2 | BlueprintContainerImpl           | 19 - org.apache.aries.blueprint.core - 1.4.0 | Unable to start blueprint container for bundle due to unresolved dependencies [(objectClass=org.apache.felix.service.threadio.ThreadIO), (objectClass=org.apache.felix.service.command.CommandProcessor)]
        at org.apache.aries.blueprint.container.BlueprintContainerImpl$[19:org.apache.aries.blueprint.core:1.4.0]
        at java.util.concurrent.Executors$[:1.7.0_55]
        at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.access$201([:1.7.0_55]
at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$[:1.7.0_55]
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker([:1.7.0_55]
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$[:1.7.0_55]

Helium Distribution: distribution-karaf-0.2.1-Helium-SR1.1

Can you help me resolve this blueprint container issue?

2015-01-08 09:34:58 -0700 answered a question DLUX Web UI with Helium

I've verified that the directions on this wiki work for OpenDaylight SR1. SR1.1 is a fairly small security fix, so I suspect they should work for SR1.1 as well. If not, please edit your question to include the steps you followed when standing up ODL+DLUX, especially the Karaf features you installed.

2015-01-06 12:41:42 -0700 commented question Why is ODL written in Java?

If you're happy with the answer, please up-vote/accept-answer so people know that this question doesn't need attention.

2015-01-06 12:37:51 -0700 answered a question What is the main differentiation between original ODL and Openflowplugin project?

I must admit that I don't fully understand parts of your question, but I'll address the bits I can parse. Maybe you can edit it to be more clear?

How can i check whether this version of ODL is newset or not.

It seems like you only care about ODL's source, not pre-built releases, so I'll limit myself to those.

The branch you checkout dictates which version of ODL you're working with. So, stable/hydrogen for Hydrogen, stable/helium for Helium (SR1.1 at this point) and master for Lithium.

What is the main differentiation between original ODL and Openflowplugin project?

OpenflowPlugin is a project in OpenDaylight. To put it another way, OpenDaylight is made up of many projects, including OpenflowPlugin. Some very important projects, like OVSDB and SFC, depend on OpenflowPlugin (and therefore OpenflowJava). See this dependency graph for details.

2015-01-06 12:30:58 -0700 commented question What is the main differentiation between original ODL and Openflowplugin project?

Please only ask one question per ask.odl Question. It's a best practice for Q&A-style sites.

2015-01-06 12:28:43 -0700 answered a question ODL Jump start

OpenDaylight, by design, has very few dependencies and supports anything that can run Java. ODL should work on any OS that supports OpenJDK 1.7. That brings us to questions 2 and 3: the only required package is Java, ideally OpenJDK 1.7.

2015-01-06 12:24:31 -0700 commented question Is ODL-Hydrogen service provider support VRF?

I strongly encourage you to use ODL Helium SR1.1 (this, I believe, is consistent with the majority of the community). ODL is a very new project and has gotten dramatically better since Hydrogen.

2015-01-06 12:19:12 -0700 answered a question Hydrogen ODL controller has which SAL(MDSAL/ADSAL)

ODL Helium and Lithium use Karaf to allow you to "roll your own OpenDaylight". You can load the AD-SAL or MD-SAL via Karaf.

Note that just before the holiday, the TSC started a discussion about deprecating the AD-SAL, as no one really owns or maintains it at the moment (most projects have moved to MD-SAL).

19:54:47 <colindixon> #topic supporting the AD-SAL
19:55:07 <colindixon> #info rgowrishankar points out that we’re having lots of problems with supporting the AD-SAL in Helium
19:55:17 <colindixon> #info this seems to be causing a lot of confusion among ODL users
19:55:36 <dfarrell07> +1 to user confusion (as a major contributor to ask.odl)
19:56:39 <colindixon> #info the question is (i) can we deprecate the AD-SAL and compatibility layer, (ii) if not who will maintain it, (iii) how do we convey the level of support (or lack thereof) to users
19:57:32 <kwatsen> does the mix of AD-SAL and MD-SAL conflict with the singularity policy?
19:58:08 <colindixon> kwatsen: not until the project is core, and it’s the same project
19:58:21 <colindixon> which means I have no idea how singularity would apply
19:58:32 <colindixon> #info colindixon asks edwarnicke if the AD-SAL is going to be deprecated in Lithium
19:59:18 <colindixon> #info edwarnicke responds saying nobody is maintaining the AD-SAL and hasn’t been for a while, he fixed bugs at the end of Helium, but doesn’t want to keep doing things
19:59:28 <colindixon> #info edwarnicke says personally he would like to deprecate
19:59:34 <rovarga> unless someone steps up by ... M2 I guess, we need to move to deprecate it, I think
20:00:03 <phrobb> As per our process we would deprecate in Lithium, and remove the APIs in Beryllium, correct?
20:00:17 <dfarrell07> colindixon: I have a #action for that if you want
20:00:17 <dlenrow> Do we have a formal deprication process? I'm pretty sure it's not "ask Ed"
20:00:30 <colindixon> dlenrow: we do, it’s up to the project
20:00:37 <colindixon> deprecated in one release and can be removed in the next
20:00:39 <rovarga> dlenrow: the deprecation process is up to the project's committers
20:00:55 <dlenrow> That seems insane for dependents in community
20:01:09 <rovarga> dlenrow: in this particular case it seems the currently-active committers are not willing to maintain the feature going forward
20:01:10 <dlenrow> unilateral deprication evil wherever you put it
20:01:11 <dfarrell07> #action rgowrishankar, edwarnicke will reach out to people using AD-SAL. They should either come up with a way to maintain it or move to MD-SAL.
2014-12-16 10:48:27 -0700 edited question Service Function Chaining in ODL usage

How do I use SFC in ODL? I'd like a user guide, as the documentation for SFC in the wiki is lacking.

2014-12-16 10:47:36 -0700 answered a question Service Function Chaining in ODL usage

The SFC Project Proposal and the main SFC wiki are likely the two best sources of SFC docs at the moment.

I'll link some of the main SFC guys to this question, to attempt show that more docs have been requested.

2014-12-16 10:41:18 -0700 edited question Why is ODL written in Java?

Specifically, why was Java used as the programming language for the OpenDaylight?

2014-12-16 10:39:28 -0700 answered a question Why is ODL written in Java?

The Cisco folks who originally contributed large chunks of the controller project (a subset of ODL) had a lot to do with the decision to use Java. Specifically, Madhu Venugopal (who wrote a lot of that code while he was at Cisco) told me that he wanted a statically typed language and support for hot-swapping components (provided by OSGi).

2014-12-16 10:38:30 -0700 answered a question Why is ODL written in Java?

The Cisco folks who originally contributed large chunks of the controller project (a subset of ODL) had a lot to do with the decision to use Java. Specifically, Madhu Venugopal (who wrote a lot of that code while he was at Cisco) told me that he wanted a statically typed language and support for hot-swapping components (provided by OSGi).

2014-12-15 12:03:54 -0700 edited question QinQ in ODL

Does ODL support QinQ? Can ODL manage traffic in QinQ?

2014-12-15 12:03:18 -0700 answered a question QinQ in ODL

Yep, it seems that ODL has at least some support for QinQ. It's listed as an ethertype. Also, these docs suggest calling controller.sal.action.PushVlan twice "to achieve QinQ".

2014-12-15 11:55:46 -0700 commented answer Controller uses 100% cpu without anything to do

^^Might be worth asking that in another question.

2014-12-15 07:36:02 -0700 commented answer Controller uses 100% cpu without anything to do

That's still with Hydrogen I assume? Again, it'd be more realistic to try Helium SR1 and/or master.

2014-12-15 07:02:30 -0700 edited question Controller uses 100% cpu without anything to do

Hello everyone,

As soon as i start my controller (hydrogen release) it consumes 100% cpu even though there is no traffic to handle at all. I already tried to stop some modules that may possibly cause this (like the one i am developing) but i did not find anything yet. I thought this might help as i think it is some kind of infinit-loop in one of the modules or something like that.

Did anyone else experience this issue and knows how to solve this?

Following is a list of installed modules i got from the osgi console:

osgi> ss
"Framework is launched."

id  State       Bundle
0   ACTIVE      org.eclipse.osgi_3.8.1.v20120830-144521
1   ACTIVE      org.apache.felix.fileinstall_3.1.6
2   ACTIVE      org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.batch_3.8.0.I20120518-2145
3   ACTIVE      org.eclipse.equinox.ds_1.4.0.v20120522-1841
4   ACTIVE      org.eclipse.equinox.util_1.0.400.v20120522-2049
5   ACTIVE      org.eclipse.osgi.services_3.3.100.v20120522-1822
6   ACTIVE      org.eclipse.equinox.console_1.0.0.v20120522-1841
7   ACTIVE      slf4j.api_1.7.2
8   ACTIVE      ch.qos.logback.classic_1.0.9
9   ACTIVE      ch.qos.logback.core_1.0.9
10  ACTIVE      com.sun.jersey.core_1.17.0
11  ACTIVE      com.sun.jersey.jersey-server_1.17.0
12  ACTIVE      jcl.over.slf4j_1.7.2
13  ACTIVE      org.sdnhub.odl.protocol_plugins.openflow13_0.1.0.SNAPSHOT
14  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.topology.web_0.4.1
16  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.arphandler_0.5.1
17  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.flows.web_0.4.1
18  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.forwardingrulesmanager.implementation_0.4.1
20  ACTIVE      org.apache.commons.lang3_3.1.0
21  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.configuration_0.4.1
22  ACTIVE      org.springframework.beans_3.1.3.RELEASE
23  ACTIVE      org.eclipse.virgo.util.osgi_3.6.0.RELEASE
24  ACTIVE      org.springframework.transaction_3.1.3.RELEASE
25  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.switchmanager.implementation_0.4.1
26  ACTIVE      org.springframework.web.servlet_3.1.3.RELEASE
27  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.usermanager_0.4.1
28  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.containermanager.implementation_0.5.1
30  ACTIVE      controllermanager.northbound_0.0.1
31  ACTIVE      javax.servlet.jsp.jstl_1.2.0.v201105211821
32  ACTIVE      org.apache.el_7.0.32.v201211081135
34  ACTIVE      org.eclipse.gemini.web.tomcat_2.2.0.RELEASE
35  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.statisticsmanager.implementation_0.4.1
36  ACTIVE      org.springframework.core_3.1.3.RELEASE
37  ACTIVE      javax.ejb_3.1.1.v201204261316
38  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.commons.northbound_0.4.1
39  RESOLVED    org.apache.tomcat.util_7.0.32.v201211201952
40  ACTIVE      com.fasterxml.jackson.core.jackson-annotations_2.3.0
41  RESOLVED    org.opendaylight.controller.security_0.4.1
42  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.connectionmanager.northbound_0.1.1
43  <<LAZY>>    org.eclipse.equinox.http.servlet_1.0.0.v20070606
44  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.hosttracker_0.5.1
45  ACTIVE      org.opendaylight.controller.statisticsmanager_0 ...