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2015-04-16 07:47:28 -0700 commented question org.opendaylight.controller.model:model-ping:jar:1.0-1-SNAPSHOT is missing

rename your jar file 'model-ping-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar' as 'model-ping-1.0-1-SNAPSHOT.jar' you should be able to compile

2015-04-13 02:59:06 -0700 answered a question Unable to login Dlux web interface-Helium Release

if does not work then pls try . This works fine for me.

You check the bundle is loaded, run the command http:list | grep dlux at the karaf console. If it gives: opendaylight-user@root>http:list | grep dlux 334 | ResourceServlet | /pages | Deployed | /dlux | [/dlux/*] then should be able to access it as

Mine shows it as below: opendaylight-user@root>http:list | grep dlux 292 | ResourceServlet | /dlux | Deployed | / | [/]

There is no alias and base url so it will be accessable with: