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2015-04-09 12:28:37 -0800 asked a question How does network monitoring works on SDN? Is there any advantage using snmp over SDNs? Is there any other protocol or application to monitor and create a network topology of SDNs?

Hello all.

Please , excuse my English...

I really need your help! My name is Rogério Bernardo da Silva, and i'm a student of Computer Networks, from UNA University, at Minas Gerais State, Brazil.

We have great interest in learnig and using OPENDAYLIGHT in our projects.

We are still crawling in learning networks, SDN, and programming, but we have a great interest.

Within many information and advices, we are now considering putting shaped design, analyzing cost, time and resource deployment to create a project about implementing SDN on a Datacenter or company.

But we have many questions ... Sorry for the amount of the following questions..

  • Has OPENDAYLIGHT any monitoring and manage flows and topology tools?
  • The OPENDAYLIGHT (SDN controller) already have APIs or resources to manage it?? or require a standard management software or protocol? SNMP? How does the monitoring networks work in SDN? They only need to consul the Controller?
  • How agents report accounting data plan for the control plane (centralized) and how this data would be treated.
  • SNMP perform with the agent in the data plane or control?
  • If the data plan, the plans will not be losing its hierarchy / layer?
  • How to adapt MIBs centrally?
  • The protocol would be rewritten?

Again advance thanks for the attention and any help possible.

Best Regards