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2015-04-08 18:26:42 -0700 answered a question ODL + Minitet - Lab high availability

I managed to configure high availability lab. Just follow the steps in this wiki and the basic functions worked so far.

Remembering, was only with the Hydrogen Base version.

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2015-04-06 20:28:32 -0700 commented answer ODL + Minitet - Lab high availability

Thanks Phillip. I tested this wiki and managed to connect the Mininet with two controllers, this is the output of the dump command:


Now I'm studying how to synchronize data between Controllers, e.g.: Add and edit flows.

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2015-04-03 18:00:13 -0700 asked a question ODL + Minitet - Lab high availability

Hello everyone!

I'm creating a basic laboratory with ODL + Mininet. After many tests with Helium SR3 and SR2, I just got success (install and control flows) using the version Base Hydrogem 1.0.

Now I need to create a high availability scenario. I want to install 02 Hydrogen (separate VMs) controllers, synchronizing flows between themselves and connected to Mininet (other VM). I imagine that the main would be the Master and the other would be the Slave. When executing the command to connect to the controller Mininet I should use a virtual IP, right?

"e.g.: sudo mn --controller=remote, ip=VIRTUAL-IP-ADDRESS --topo minimal"

The moment the Master controller goes offline, the Slave controller assumes the role and maintains connectivity with Mininet. So I can add new flows and modify existing ones.

How could I begin to do this?

Thanks Jefferson

2015-04-03 17:45:42 -0700 answered a question Nodes do not show up in pulldown list while adding new flows via dlux in Helium?

I have the same problem.