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2015-09-14 01:08:43 -0700 asked a question No route to node when get "opendaylight-port-statistics"

I'm trying to fetch statisitcs form ports via API and I can't get the right path to my switch.

Using API-Doc "Opendaylight-port-statistics(2013-12-14)" to get node connector statistics I can't reach to the node.

I already checked the ID of the switch so it is correct.

I tried the following paths and all of them returns:

"errors": { "error": [ { "error-type": "protocol", "error-tag": "invalid-value", "error-message": "The routed node null is not an instance identifier"

I tried the following paths:





Anyone have been succes with that? What I'm missing int he sintaxis?

P.S. im using Helim SR3 Distribution

2015-08-04 08:38:14 -0700 commented answer Implementation of load balancing in Opendaylight controller

I don't know why it isnt working, try now: Try to copy&paste the link, don't click on it.

2015-07-23 04:03:53 -0700 answered a question Implementation of load balancing in Opendaylight controller

May be this suits to you:

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2015-07-15 07:36:51 -0700 answered a question How to write flow in Karaf?
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It worked for me! Thanks a lot!

2015-07-08 08:07:53 -0700 answered a question Error in clustering: Could not find or load main class org.apache.karaf.main.Main

I was having the same issue and the problem was the name of the folder.

I called it "OpenDaylight Controller" and inside the file with the controller and it didnt work. Then I changed the file name remocing spaces and it worked fine.

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2015-07-02 10:58:37 -0700 commented answer How to write flow in Karaf?

I was checking for the switch ID already and it exists. I think I'm in the same position as Edu. We followed the tutorial on the wiki step by step :/ Could be possible that that I'm working with helium 0.2.3 and OpenFlow 1.0?

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2015-07-02 06:23:39 -0700 commented question ODL helium 0.2.2 not sending the oftp_flow_mod packets to agent but returns 200 OK response and none of the flow is getting configured.

Did you solved this issue? I'm having the same trouble and I 've no idea how to handle it.

2015-07-02 06:20:50 -0700 commented question Problem crossing from config to operational API

We reached the same conclusion about this issue. As you said programmed flows are not corring from config to operational datastore. I've been with this issue for a week more or less and I still with no solution. May be we're missing something in the configuration of ODL but I don't think so.

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2015-07-01 06:45:36 -0700 answered a question RESTCONF Troubleshooting

I'm having almost the same kind of problem and I noticed that the flows that are appearing on the switch with

$ sudo ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-flows br0

Are the ones that you can find getting info form the API:

curl -XGET -u admin:admin -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:8181/restconf/operational/opendaylight-inventory:nodes/node/openflow:49213347348856/flow-node-inventory:table/0/flow/256

Doing the PUT request to /restconf/config/.../table/0/flow/256... the flows are put in /restconf/config/.../table/0/flow/256 not in restconf/operational/.

I'm still working into this issue :/

2015-06-30 09:09:11 -0700 asked a question Adding flows via API-Restconf

I'm using Helium-SR3 with mininet and openFlow 1.0.

ODL has these features:

opendaylight-user@root>feature:install odl-restconf odl-l2switch-switch odl-mdsal-apidocs odl-dlux-core

And the command to launch mininet is the following:

sudo mn --topo=tree,3 --controller=remote, --mac --switch=ovsk,protocols=OpenFlow10

When I follow the steps to add flow from Wiki there's no problem to make the flow push with postman.

The problem comes when I try to get the flow table. I can't see the flow I pushed, in the example itself neither. i'm abel to see it with:

In other hand I can't identify the flow in OVS Switch.

If I select the nodes from the DB using xsql after the flow push it returns an other node with the same ID of the put made with postman. Dump at the end.

Is the flow being added correctly? I'm missing something?


Sorry but I cant attach files.

opendaylight-user@root>xsql 'select * from nodes/node;'


|None |2.0.2 | | | |None |openflow:2|Open vSwitch|Nicira, Inc.| |

|None |2.0.2 | | | |None |openflow:3|Open vSwitch|Nicira, Inc.| |

|None |2.0.2 | | | |None |openflow:4|Open vSwitch|Nicira, Inc.| |

|None |2.0.2 | | | |None |openflow:5|Open vSwitch|Nicira, Inc.| |

|None |2.0.2 | | | |None |openflow:6|Open vSwitch|Nicira, Inc.| |

|None |2.0.2 | | | |None |openflow:7|Open vSwitch|Nicira, Inc.| |

|None |2.0.2 | | | |None |openflow:1|Open vSwitch|Nicira, Inc.| |

| --------- | -------- | | ----- | ------ | |openflow:1| ------ | ------ | |

Total Number Of Records=8

2015-02-10 11:45:58 -0700 commented answer Dlux UI Can't create/install a flow

I'm using Ubuntu and doesn't work either. I also installed all the features and it stills without work. Did you found the solution by chance?