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2014-11-12 04:24:53 -0700 commented question Error During karaf startup and not able to use dlux

Those are unrelated, once I fixed them ( ) and still get this error...

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I eventually solved the problem adding an import package - org.apache.oltu.oauth2.common.exception;version="[1.0,2)", - to the aaa-authn-federation project's pom.xml, that was missing on the

2014-11-10 07:18:59 -0700 commented answer Unable to login through dlux

Same error here. Any help would be appreciated! The log shows this afterwards: 2014-11-10 14:14:53,456 | ERROR | Event Dispatcher | StandardWebApplication | 275 - slf4j.api - 1.7.2 | Failed to start web application at context path '/oauth2/federation' org.eclipse.gemini.web.core.spi.ServletContainerException: Web application at '/oauth2/federation' cannot be added to the host. at org.eclipse.gemini.web.tomcat.internal.TomcatServletContainer.startWebApplication(