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2014-11-10 04:36:25 -0700 asked a question Service Function chaining Installation/Configuration Guide in ODL Wi

Could you please let me know how to install/configure Service Function Chaining in the ODL-Helium release.

The information in wiki page does not have adequate information to implement this service.If any other presenations/blogs which have SFC implementation/configuration much appreciated.

Thanks, Subash Gandhi

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2014-10-06 07:25:44 -0700 asked a question Unable to login Dlux web interface-Helium Release

Hi, I have installed dlux components as specified in the Helium-user-guide available in ODL site ( ).

Then I have tried to login in dlux via this link http://localhost:9000/DLUX/index.html but even i cannot web page itself. so i have tried the second option http://localip:8181/dlux/index.html this time I can get Webui and I used credentials as Username as admin and Password as admin but it shows unable to login error meesage.

Note :I have installed the following components in karaf ("odl-dlux-all", "odl-restconf" "odl-l2switch-switch-all" ). Please let me know your suggestions.

Thanks, Subash Gandhi