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2017-06-12 04:29:51 -0700 asked a question Data persistent is not happening when a node restarts in 3 node cluster


I have set up a 3 node cluster with opendaylight controller for the topology created in mininet.

the topology gets reflected on all the 3 controller nodes, i can create/delete the flows from any node.

But when i shutdown a controller instance and restart the same, it doesnt come up with the latest data available on the other controller.

Im running 3 controllers on, 152 and 153 IPs. created 4 flows on my topology. after that i shutdown the controller instance on 152. NOw i have deleted 2 of the 4 flows from 153 controller. Now when i restart the controller form 152 IP, im expecting it to sync with the other two controllers (151 and 153) and comes up with the latest data available. But instead, the controller 152 comes up with the blank data base and it starts syncing with other two controller 151 and 153 and all the 3 controllers are having the same blank database. the created topology and the flows are erased when the blank db from 152 sync with other two controllers.

Any way to avoid this issue in clustering setup?