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2017-04-03 08:18:48 -0800 answered a question How can I add flow properly, using MD-SAL

Hate to dredge up an old topic, but I'm running into the same problem. I define my flow, with a src/dst IP pair, IP protocol 6, dest tcp port 80, with a 'drop' action. The flow is in both config and operational, with a priority of 32768, but is not matched and the traffic isn't blocked.

were you able to get this resolved, and if so, how?

2017-03-07 11:25:27 -0800 answered a question 404 for OpenDaylight Controller:Load Balancer Service

That page was written for the Hydrogen release and is out of date.

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2017-03-07 11:20:24 -0800 asked a question Dynamically redirect traffic based on load

I have the topology in the diagram below, using physical switches and an ODL-based controller. Is there a way, via ODL, to dynamically re-direct traffic based on load. For instance, the primary link between the two hosts goes through S1. If the host on S3 starts to saturate the link, is there a way to automatically redirect traffic from other hosts through S2 instead of S1?

      s1                s2
s3          s4      s5       s6
|            |
Host1    Host2