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2017-01-07 01:30:08 -0800 answered a question opendaylight flow is in config&operational datastore but does not work

Because flows were in both operational and config datastores I did not check openvswitch logs till today :)

There was a line rejecting my flow because of wrong subnetmask:

2017-01-07T09:03:41.970Z|101072|nx_match|WARN|Rejecting NXM/OXM entry 0:32768:11:1:8 with 1-bits in value for bits wildcarded by the mask.

Changed ip addresses in criterias from x.x.x.1/8 to x.x.x.1/32, and flow worked. Kinda weird because in network world the first way is the correct one.

2017-01-04 01:28:51 -0800 asked a question opendaylight flow is in config&operational datastore but does not work

hello all,

I am practising on odl boron, and trying to learn some fundamentals in deep. I am able to push flows into switch with ovs add-flow command and curl with json format. I can see these flows in dump command and they are working.

The problem occurs when I try to push flow with curl xml format. Actually, both from CLI and postman I get status OK. And I can see the flow is in config/operational store with get command as well. However, somehow flow is not listed under ovs-ofctl dump-flows command, it is not working either. Any idea? Nothing fancy in karaf logs, no errors in karaf cli. I run openflow 13 both in mininet and karaf.

Am I supposed to install any specific feature to make this work?