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2016-12-28 08:58:41 -0700 received badge  Editor (source)
2016-12-28 08:57:50 -0700 asked a question how can i connect opendaylight, fowvisor to an SDN-based topology in oder to create slices ?

hello i begin in SDN domain and i've to do a project in SDN-based network which consist in creating dynamically slices. Actually i'm able to create lab with Mininet, run a controller (POX) and do ping test. but when i try to establish a communication between flowvisor and my controller, Flowvisor stop working. i replaced POX by OpenDaylight but the problem still exist. so i want to know if someone has some experience in creating slices with Flowvisor and Opendayligth eventually and could explain it to me or show a good tutorial which deal with that topic ! thank you for your answers !