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2016-11-10 01:05:47 -0700 answered a question Training at summit 2016

Thank you, but i finally find the error. In the VM that they give for the training the file pom.xml in the first exercize is wrong:

       <version>0.7.0-SNAPSHOT</version>      //****HERE IS THE ERROR

* 0.7.0 is not exists or is updated to 0.7.1 or 0.7.2 so it cant compile without this fix. Maybe for all is easy, but for me was a problem. I hope that someone fix it

2016-11-09 01:08:14 -0700 commented question Training at summit 2016

Writing an application, sorry i missed the most important information. Btw everytime that i try to build, sample template or the example that they give you, everytime dosent build and the result is an error

2016-11-08 02:20:00 -0700 asked a question Training at summit 2016

Hello everyone, i try to watch and do this training. I downloaded the VM, but if i create a mvn template with archetype it doesn't compile well. The slides are so poor of technical information and dosent going to deep. In the video, i think, explain more but its hard to follow if i can't read what the programmer is typing. Someone have the same problem? I really like the Yang example and the trasformation of this in java code, but i really need more information about why i can't create a archetype and the structure after the compile the yang file. Some really well guide of yang to java code already exists? Thank you for every answer

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2016-10-26 00:50:25 -0700 answered a question OSGI bundle listen to packets came from send_to_controller action

hello i never saw about this interface, can you link where you find that interfaces? i'm very interessed about a listen interface for packet-in. Thank you

2016-10-23 07:39:49 -0700 asked a question Some question about rest api on Boron relase

Hello everyone, i'm a university student, i have some questions about Boron release and in particular about Rest Api: 1- Can i have some information about host that try to connect on switch? or handle this event/ notification this event? ( if a host with no flow entry for a match try to use a switch, the packet will send to controller and dropped, i can't know nothing about this drop with rest api?) 2- there are some specification about the real instruction that a switch can have? what means <dec-nw-ttl/>?? 3- i have installed the same features in Boron that i have installed on Beryllium, but i fail the ping test with no flow installed on switch ( main feature installed are: old-dlux-all, old-restconf-all, old-l2switch-all, old-mdsal-all, and some old-openflowplugin-x) Thank you so much for future answer, i hope its not a banal question