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2016-08-01 23:22:35 -0700 answered a question Installation Problem with OpenDaylight on Ubuntu

Its seems like you haven't set the $JAVA_HOME correctly. Please install Java 8 for latest releases.

Open /etc/environment in any text editor gedit or vi and add the following to set java home; Note that the java home can be different in your setup


Use source to load the variables, by running this command:

source /etc/environment

If the the home is set it should showed from echo


Or when you are running Karaf, specify JAVA_HOME there,

sudo JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/ ./karaf

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Hey I think the link is not working. Could you please be kind enough to re check it?

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I tried that. But it was not working. I hacked the yang config file in arphandler package by making default: false. Then it worked. But I will try more to get familiar with it. Thanks.

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No karthik I hacked the code. But then I thought mvn clean install will replace the l2switch code with the ones that I have modified. But it wasn't. I used the gerrit repo for l2switch. Instead I copied the built jars again to the system directory and then it worked. Any suggestions?

2016-07-26 11:33:14 -0700 asked a question make is-proactive-flood-mode to false in l2switch

Hi there, I wonder there is a way to set is-proactive-flood-mode to false in opendaylight version 4.0 snapshots. I used the 54-arphandler.xml in the /etc/opendaylight/karaf directory and when I restarted controller, its still shows

ArpHandler is in Proactive Flood Mode

Is there any way to change this? Even with yang models?

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the log only shows for openflowplugin.impl logs

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Hi karthik, I used latest and its showing 4.0 in snapshots. Both the build for the codes and distribution folder shows 4.0. I coded in main-impl and arphandler. And I made some logs in others too. But log does not return any thing. How can I hack the code and test its behavior for odl-l2switch?

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2016-07-26 01:19:31 -0700 asked a question Hacking l2switch code and build deploy

Hi everyone, I'm new to opendaylight and I want to hack odl-l2switch code to add some functionalities. As the user guides and wiki say, I pulled the code from git clone git clone .

Then I coded the necessary changes and used

mvn clean install

to build the code. It was successful. Afterwards when I ran the karaf in the folder,


the odl-l2switch-switch feature was with the snapshots which were not built by me. It was with some other downloaded jars. How can I build my code for l2switch and run it with distribution karaf?

Thanks for taking time