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2016-05-30 10:28:10 -0700 asked a question How to modify L2switch code of the Beryllium release?


I am trying to modify the L2switch code for the Beryllium release. To do it, I pulled this project and modified the code. I have changed the config file (58-l2switchmain.xml) with the followings variables:

<is-learning-only-mode>true</is-learning-only-mode> <is-install-dropall-flow>false</is-install-dropall-flow>

So it is supposed that when a new switch is registered it will not get the initial rules to send the controller the packets and also it not take rules in a reactive way. Then I rebuild the whole project (mvn clean install -DskipTests). But when I use a simple topology in Mininet I can see that flows are set and it is possible to do pings between all hosts.

Does anyone know why this occurs and how can I disable these features?

Thanks in advance! :D