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Thank you very much for the suggestion. Unfortunately we are using Lithium release since in Beryllium, there is a "role request" sent after "feature request". Our switches do not support "role request", so connection to controller terminates. Is there is a way to skip "role request" in Boron?

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2016-09-19 11:58:59 -0700 asked a question Flow statistics using RCP call


I'm trying to get statistics using the following RPC call and not via the default statistics-manager.

POST /restconf/operations/opendaylight-flow-statistics:get-all-flows-statistics-from-all-flow-tables { "input": { "node" : "/opendaylight-inventory:nodes/opendaylight-inventory:node[opendaylight-inventory:id=\"openflow:1000\"]" } }

However, the response of this request is just "transaction-id". While I can see the OpenFlow "Flow Stat Request" and "Flow Stat Reply" messages are exchanged between the controller and the switch, the operational datastore seems not to be updated as a result of calling the above RPC. I check the operational datastore using: GET /restconf/operational/opendaylight-inventory:nodes/node/openflow:1000/table/0

My question is - how can I get the flow statistics sent to the controller by the switch as a result of the above RPC (get-all-flows-statistics-from-all-flow-tables)? And why is the operational datastore is not updated?

Thanks! Michael.

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2016-05-26 15:12:45 -0700 asked a question Beryllium: "Role request" in OpenFlow plugin


In Beryllium's OpenFlow plugin, there is a "role request" sent after the "feature request". Our switches do not support this "role request" option and hence, the connection to controller terminates.

In Lithium, the OpenFlow plugin does not send the "role request".

My question is whether it is possible to disable this option (sending the role request) in the Beryllium's OpenFlow plugin.

Thanks, Michael.