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2016-05-26 12:21:32 -0700 commented answer I've downloaded Beryllium from the website, and now desired pakages are not found in karaf shell?

Your link does not appear correctly. Here is the link: .

2016-05-18 09:06:26 -0700 answered a question How to make my own module known to ODL?

Hello Gamuto,

The karaf you start after building your code is empty. To do stuff, you'll need to install the features you need to support your solution.

And this is were your "features" project takes part. In the /src folder of that project, there is a features.xml where you define your own features and their dependencies. Because you used the archetype, you should already have some features (api, global, rest, ui) that you can install on karaf using "feature:install" command.

You may need to update the feature file to add the features you need. You can check that tutorial if you need more information:

Good luck for the rest, and welcome to the community !