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2016-06-06 03:02:28 -0700 answered a question How to create tunnel between the ovs switches using the ovs-db ?
2016-06-01 09:30:06 -0700 answered a question Java for RH7?
2016-05-30 08:22:48 -0700 answered a question how to get a device with netconf get recognized on ODL?
2016-05-29 06:00:17 -0700 answered a question Call functions in karaf (like from the osgi console)
2016-05-24 01:58:54 -0700 answered a question how to calculate transmit rate in md-sal???
2016-05-24 01:55:41 -0700 answered a question how to create custom application and Rest API in ODL helium?
2016-05-20 06:47:58 -0700 answered a question Developing an application on odl
2016-05-20 06:44:33 -0700 answered a question Is it possible to have vxlan and external flat networks? AKA Failed to bind port

One option is to set up a VXLAN tunnel between OVS bridges on the two hosts. Setup private networking between two hosts and two VMs with libvirt / openvswitch

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2016-05-20 03:14:18 -0700 answered a question No karaf base dir found.error while compile odlparent.Help me please.

Hello i already have the same problem and i resolved it with this forum mvn compile: Unable to find package java.lang

2016-05-16 06:58:32 -0700 answered a question How to read properties file under open daylight's configuration directory from OSGI module

related question cvan help you File option Problem is that we are working in an OSGi environment, so when trying to create a File with the asset path. The asset path is in fact a link to the bundle URL url = getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("/excel/file.xslx"); File file = new File(url.toURI()); // URI = bundle://449.124:/excel/file.xlsx So following Exception occurs: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI scheme is not "file"

Trying to use the URL path instead also is not successful:

File file = new File(url.getPath()); // Path= /excel/file.xslx if(!file.exists()){ // FILE DOES NOT EXIST } Path option When I try to use the path open method, it cannot seem to resolve the path, since I always get following Exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Zip File is closed

opcPackage =; // Path= /excel/file.xslx Any ideas on how I can reference my file from within a bundle environment in order for it to load? Or am I missing something obvious here? the accpeted answer here link text

2016-05-16 06:50:19 -0700 answered a question REST/restconf API XML/JSON documentation

hello i think i have the same problem and this is a related question with an accepted answer How to use Rest API curl command in php