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2016-03-30 07:49:16 -0700 asked a question Missing topology

Hi there,

I installed odl-l2switch-switch-ui, but the controller gets the wrong topology. I have 3 switches with a host connected to each switch (1 OVS+ 2 NETFPGA) running openflow1.0. All three switches are interconnected. However, opendaylight cannot see the hosts nor the cables between switches ! It pictures just three switches on the topology. The hosts cannot ping one another. I need help fixing this !


2016-03-30 02:56:49 -0700 asked a question Launch controller after install

I downloaded opendaylight controller from git , then run a mvn clean install. The build was successful. How can I launch the controller ? I could not find this directory (./opendaylight/distribution/opendaylight/target) ! How can I integrate the contoller into Eclipse ?