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2016-05-11 00:07:13 -0800 commented answer using ODL Berylium for Mininet switches configuration

Use Hyperglance demo version for learning purpose.

2016-05-04 06:49:06 -0800 answered a question L2switch problem

Is your controller working?

check the operational flows by typing sudo ovs-ofctl dump-flows

Do you see any flows?

Also install this feature, odl-l2switch-all

2016-05-03 01:38:40 -0800 commented answer Feature help

As I said wait few minutes. After you login OpenDaylight, you won't be able to login to DLUX right away (due to your hardware limitation). I also wait around couple of minutes before DLUX log me in. However, if you increase your RAM and use Quad Core Processor, you may login right away.

2016-05-02 05:35:01 -0800 answered a question Feature help

Why do you feel that features are gone once you logout. Did you check with this command; feature:list -i I think when you login to OpenDaylight, you need to wait few minutes so that DLUX loads (your hardware is probably not upto specifications).

2016-04-30 01:58:06 -0800 commented answer Northbound api

Use this link in Postman to PUT your flow. Assuming your Table is 0, Flow Entry is 150 and node name is openflow:1 . http://localhost:8181/restconf/config/opendaylight-inventory:nodes/node/openflow:1/table/0/flow/150

2016-04-29 13:31:02 -0800 commented answer Northbound api

For PUT (not PUSH or POST) use Postman or cURL. I tried to type a sample command but this page treats it as junk words so can't post.

2016-04-28 13:08:02 -0800 commented answer Northbound api

Try free version of Hyperglance. It is excellent.

2016-04-28 12:53:15 -0800 answered a question Northbound api

Go to http://localhost:8181/apidoc/explorer... where you will find list of APIs. Look for "network topology rev 2013-10-21" and search for the last entry "GET /operational/network-topology:network-topology/

2016-04-28 12:43:53 -0800 answered a question Application feature install

can you try odl-l2switch-all

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2016-04-27 00:35:25 -0800 answered a question Flow pushed using config REST API is not reflected via operational REST API

Possible reasons could be:

Switch is not reachable by controller.

Switch does not support the flow-type being pushed

Switch was not reachable when controller tried to push the flow and now there is a mismatch.

-- Remove the flow from the controller and try again.

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2016-04-25 06:06:13 -0800 commented answer Data-store

Thanks for your answer. So data-store of controller is modified when we push a flow using let's say Restconf. And controller has both operational as well as config datastores. Whereas Switch only has Operational datastore. Is that correct?

2016-04-23 09:19:38 -0800 asked a question Data-store


When we program a flow using restconf, where this flow is actually stored? In Switch data-store or in Controller data-store? Is it like TCAM in traditional vendor switches?

Are there different types of data-stores e.g. operational etc.


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2016-04-21 04:44:08 -0800 commented answer Command to delete a specific flow on ovs switch (mininet) ?

"priority=0" doesn't work. "' --strict is accepted but nothing deleted. However, "table=0" work fine.

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2016-04-21 02:29:26 -0800 commented answer How to work with Config Flows only

I uninstalled l2switch-all feature but still the same. I see flows like before which aren't created by me. I were told that I should uninstall hosttracker feature. will it work?

2016-04-21 01:12:43 -0800 answered a question Command to delete a specific flow on ovs switch (mininet) ?

The above answer was very helpful to me as I was able to delete my flow "in_port=1" successfully. But what if I want to delete the flow numbered I or II in your given example. What should I write in " ??? " here as there is no input port mentioned in these flows?

2016-04-21 01:07:25 -0800 answered a question How to work with Config Flows only

Thanks a lot. I will try as advised and will share the results.

2016-04-20 05:23:15 -0800 answered a question Error while doing feature:install odl-restconf

feature:list | grep odl-restconf {see if this feature is available}

feature:list -i | grep odl-restconf {see if already installed}

feature:install odl-restconf-all

If you still can't do that then download the ODL zip folder again from its website and try again.

2016-04-19 06:11:54 -0800 asked a question How to work with Config Flows only


I deleted all flows in Open vSwitch via dpctl del-flows command so that I can work with configurational flows only. But after certain time, these operational flows shows up again so I am unable to try my configurational flows.

Any help how to disable operational flows not configured by me.

2016-04-19 06:07:17 -0800 answered a question add meter to flow

Open vSwitch doesn't support Meter.

2016-04-10 07:47:38 -0800 answered a question I've downloaded Beryllium from the website, and now desired pakages are not found in karaf shell?

adsal is not available in Beryllium (only mdsal)

2016-04-08 09:38:47 -0800 commented answer curl: command not found

Exactly. cURL should not be used in ODL panel. Use it in terminal window of Ubuntu.

2016-04-08 09:33:15 -0800 answered a question add idle_timeout/hard_timeout to flow through opendaylight / Dynamic topology

You can use free version of Hyperglance (runs on top of ODL). You can set all parameters including hard time out etc. easily this way.

2016-04-08 09:27:11 -0800 answered a question Unable to login Dlux web interface-Beryllium Release

just wait few minutes depending on your hardware. You should be able to login then.

2016-04-02 19:56:08 -0800 answered a question How to do the rate limit in OpenDaylight ?

Use Meter for Rate Limit.

2016-04-02 19:49:31 -0800 answered a question curl: command not found

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install curl

2016-03-31 10:29:36 -0800 answered a question Adding a new openflow message

Use Hyperglance (demo version) to add or remove flow tables into your switches via controller. This way you don't have to deal with the code.

2016-03-31 10:26:50 -0800 answered a question Error with feature install ( odl-restconf-all odl-l2switch-switch odl-mdsal-apidocs odl-dlux-all)

Download the folder distribution-karaf-0.4.0 again from ODL website. And then try running karaf container by ./bin/karaf. Seems like your downloaded folder has errors.

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2016-03-31 10:19:46 -0800 answered a question Launch controller after install

Here is a simple way.

Download zip folder of OpenDaylight from their website. untar or uzip the folder.

cd into the folder you downloaded (e.g cd distribution-karaf-0.4.0) and then type ./bin/karaf on the command line.

That is it.

2016-03-31 10:15:30 -0800 answered a question Missing topology

I assume you have following features installed; odl-restconf-all odl-l2switch-all odl-dlux-all

Seems like an old broken flow is stuck. You better clear everything before trying again.

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2016-03-28 09:02:13 -0800 answered a question DLUX Add Flow

Use Hyperglance free version downloadable from their website.

2016-03-28 03:48:33 -0800 answered a question How to integrate NMS with SDN controller?

There is no NMS option here.

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2016-03-28 03:45:31 -0800 answered a question Unable to login Dlux web UI

My machine takes 4 minutes to allow login to Dlux. it depends on your machine hardware. You need to be patient as it won't log you in right away. You don't need to install features every time you log in.