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2016-03-27 22:15:10 -0700 asked a question What is reality "read" service in the ODL controller?

Hi , i asked about the question few days ago. Maybe the information is less to understand. There is the whole article about the question:

OpenDaylight provides direct access to the programmable network through a read service(which allow to read information stored on a network switch) and a flow programmer service (which enables adding and removing flow rules on such network devices)

And i really want to know what is the relative service with "read service" in the ODL running system.

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2016-03-15 00:30:37 -0700 commented answer Where can i find the "read" and "flow" service in the controller?

Tks your answer. I want to find the service achieve in the system. such as the file location , the running state in the process list or the relative code in the project (⊙o⊙)

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2016-03-14 22:45:36 -0700 asked a question Where can i find the "read" and "flow" service in the controller?

I am tring underdstanding the struct of the OpenDayLight project.

And the code is hard to read.The services above are vital for running of the program.

But i can't find anything about them.