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2016-03-22 09:01:42 -0800 commented answer Link discovery in Opendaylight not working

Have you found a solution to this issue. If Yes Please share

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2016-02-15 06:18:15 -0800 asked a question Logical ports not listed

Hell all,

I have ran into an issue, For me the controller status us up but the logical ports are not being listed. Please if someone can help me in this regard. Any pointers would be helpful.

Regards, Navdeep

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2016-02-02 07:58:02 -0800 asked a question VTN dataflow not showing up

Following is the command and output I am getting while trying to see the data flow using VTN coordinator

$ curl --user 'admin:adminpass' -X GET -H 'content-type: application/json'

Output: [1] 11733 [2] 11734 [3] 11735 [4] 11736

I am not sure why the output is coming like this. Please help.

2016-01-29 04:46:48 -0800 asked a question operstatus=down

Hi all,

I have followed the guide as per ODL wiki to create VTN with single controller. I am not able to ping the hosts via mininet. I found the cause for this is operstatus=down for vtn whereas for the controller it is up. How can I resolve this issue. Please if anyone can help in this regard.