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2016-12-18 02:55:01 -0700 asked a question Statistics collection

Current implementation collects statistics about the network at a periodic interval of 15 seconds. However, these statistics are not accumulated for the whole experiment. I was wondering if anybody help on how we could accumulate the statistics for the whole experiment. Do we modify some variables in statistics manager or should create an App to compute the statistics?

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2016-11-17 07:53:46 -0700 asked a question flow conflict

Hi Everyone,

Actually I am using ODL since awhile, specifically for flow programming. I am following YANG model for flow definition. However, the problems of flows still appear constantly. Hope anybody can discuss such issues: I defined a flow as follows {match: priority (30), src ip address, dest ip address, ip protocol, tcp dest port ; Action: output port}.

The syntax for the flow is correct, and it is accepted by the physical brocade switch. However, the packets should be forwarded according to such flow are only accumulated in the output port and could not be routed to the destination.

Then, I thought about the conflict with other flow defined as follows {match: priority (20) in port, src ip address, dest ip address; Action: output port}. This flow and previous one have the same ip src and dest addresses in the match. Although the first flow should be differentiated through ip protocol and dest port, and also given higher priority, it does not work. However, I just added in port to the fist flow, then it works fine.

The question, Why is this happened? Is it a conflict, please anybody can provide us with a good direction or reference about the possible cases of conflict?

Many thanks

Regards Walid

2016-08-19 11:59:20 -0700 asked a question Burst size

Hi Everyone,

Anyone please can show the meaning of burst size in the meter? Is it related to the drop-rate parameter?




2016-08-15 11:56:20 -0700 asked a question Operational data store random flow Ids

Enabling L2Switch feature in Beryllium ODL, to install flows to Brocade switch. So:

The flow ids in operational data store are random, like #UF$TABLE*0-10 , I do n't why eventhough it is installed by predefined feature like L2Switch feature ??

Please if you have any comment, let me know

Thank you WA

2016-08-15 11:50:26 -0700 asked a question Flow ids not reset inside brocade switch

Eventhough deleting openflows flow rules from brocade ICX-6610, then if you push new flows, these flows appear in the switch with ids different than specified by REST-CONF API, which is as I noticed is a auto-increment for ids in the switch even the previous flow ids are cleared..

Anyone please have some comments about it? Is it possible to re-initialize the flow ids starting from 0, after clearing all flows in the switch..?

Thank You

Regards WA

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2016-03-23 03:14:43 -0700 answered a question Meter Flow

Hi Karthik330

I have just used meter with RESTCONF flows, not through native jave code with MD-SAL. However, to make metering for specific flow, you may do two things: 1- Define the meter instruction. 2- Include the meter instruction defined in (1) as one of the instructions inside the flow that requires this meter to be achieved.

Example for point (1)

curl --user "admin":"admin" -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "Content-type: application/xml" -X PUT http://localhost:8181/restconf/config... -d

'<meter xmlns="urn:opendaylight:flow:inventory"> <meter-id>1</meter-id> <container-name>mymeter</container-name> <meter-name>mymeter</meter-name> <flags>meter-kbps</flags> <meter-band-headers> <meter-band-header> <band-id>0</band-id> <band-rate>600</band-rate> <meter-band-types> <flags>ofpmbt-drop</flags> </meter-band-types> <band-burst-size>0</band-burst-size> <drop-rate>600</drop-rate> <drop-burst-size>0</drop-burst-size> </meter-band-header> </meter-band-headers> </meter>'

Example for point (2)

curl --user "admin":"admin" -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "Content-type: application/xml" -X PUT http://localhost:8181/restconf/config... -d

'<flow xmlns="urn:opendaylight:flow:inventory"><hard-timeout>0</hard-timeout><idle-timeout>0</idle-timeout><priority>2</priority><flow-name>h2_ping</flow-name><match><ethernet-match><ethernet-type><type>2048</type></ethernet-type></ethernet-match><ipv4-destination></ipv4-destination><ip-match><ip-dscp>10</ip-dscp></ip-match></match><id>21</id><table_id>0</table_id><instructions><instruction><order>1</order><apply-actions><action><output-action><output-node-connector>2</output-node-connector></output-action><order>0</order></action></apply-actions></instruction><instruction><order>0</order><meter><meter-id>1</meter-id></meter></instruction></instructions></flow>'

Regards, Walid

2016-03-18 23:55:56 -0700 commented answer L2 switch build errors

Hi Jamoluhrsen, typing this command to the karaf runtime: feature:list -i I find l2switch and openflowplugin are installed into the l2switch project. but the problem I can not make connection between the controller (assuming it is included in l2switch project) under l2switch project and mininet.

2016-03-18 23:11:50 -0700 commented answer L2 switch build errors

Many thanks saisujithreddy for clarification. It is very clear. It was successfuly built and run karaf. However, non of the ports are opened to connect with mininet. What we use is stable/beryllium, 0.3.1-SNAPSHOT, I do not know what is the problem, Can you tell me your jdk version? I installed feature of l2switch with stable/berlium distribution, it works fine with mininet. But, same l2switch version that used by the distribution, when I install it separately (i.e building l2switch project), everything goes fine until the connection with mininet, no response. So Please could you try l2switch stable/berlium distribution in your machine? thank you again

2016-03-18 22:56:56 -0700 asked a question Faild to build integration distribution

Hope anyone can help:

git clone

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Reactor Summary: [INFO] [INFO] integration ........................................ SUCCESS [ 7.601 s] [INFO] features-integration-index ......................... SUCCESS [18:19 min] [INFO] features-integration-test .......................... SUCCESS [ 1.132 s] [INFO] distribution-karaf ................................. FAILURE [ 55.804 s] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] BUILD FAILURE [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Total time: 19:30 min [INFO] Finished at: 2016-03-19T21:44:44+08:00 [INFO] Final Memory: 159M/349M [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.opendaylight.odlparent:karaf-plugin:1.7.0-SNAPSHOT:populate-local-repo (populate-local-repo) on project distribution-karaf: Execution populate-local-repo of goal org.opendaylight.odlparent:karaf-plugin:1.7.0-SNAPSHOT:populate-local-repo failed: Unable to load the mojo 'populate-local-repo' in the plugin 'org.opendaylight.odlparent:karaf-plugin:1.7.0-SNAPSHOT' due to an API incompatibility: org.codehaus.plexus.component.repository.exception.ComponentLookupException: org/opendaylight/odlparent/PopulateLocalRepoMojo : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

thank you

2016-03-17 22:56:45 -0700 answered a question L2 switch build errors

Thank you Saisujithreddy.

It was build, and ran correctly. I followed your steps. But the problem, that the karaf under l2switch could not be connected to mininet.

~/Desktop/l2switch/distribution/karaf/target/assembly/bin$ ./karaf

Unable to contact the remote controller at Unable to contact the remote controller at

I checked out the listening ports. I could not find neither 6653 nor 6633 are opened.

please let me know if you have any suggestion.

Thank you again


2016-03-16 06:20:15 -0700 asked a question ssh access

How can I fix this issue, please? ssh: connect to host port 29418: Connection timed out


ssh: connect to host port 29418: Connection timed out

thank you

2016-03-16 06:15:04 -0700 answered a question Unable to clone git using username

Have you fixed this issue, tripamm?

2016-03-16 04:51:33 -0700 answered a question PERMISSION DENIED IN CONNECTING USING SSH

Hi Samarth,

Have you found solution for this problem? if so, please let me know


2016-03-16 01:46:12 -0700 commented answer L2 switch build errors

Hi Could not run this command: git checkout stable/beryllium git checkout stable/beryllium --

2016-03-16 01:21:43 -0700 answered a question Generate Network traffic in Mininet


Hi Mandeep,

I have two questions if you can help please: I get l2switch project from git but could not be compiled, I tried it again it was fine but karaf could not be connected to mininet? What is the suitable way to do flow programming with MD-SAL? or How can I setup the environment for doing flow programming? I am thinking to git l2switch project which already contains openflowplugin and then import to eclipse, and then creates my flow.. Is it possible?

Many thanks


2016-03-14 20:31:51 -0700 answered a question Way to add openflowplugin in controller.

Hello Chris,

Could you help how can I add Openflowplugin to Opendaylight controller?



2016-02-24 01:40:32 -0700 commented answer How to map a queue on a flow configured on OpenvSwitch on OF13 ?

Hi Nuno, Could you tell me how to make a connection between pre-built version lithium ODL and OVSDB in order to use the collection for Queues definitions?

2016-02-22 21:07:48 -0700 asked a question Meter table fields

I got confused between the semantic meaning of the fields defined in the meter table: So Could anyone explain:

1- the difference between the band rate, and burst size defined inside meter-band-header on one hand, and on the other hand, the band rate, and burst size defined in either meter-band-drop, and meter-band-dscp-remark?

2- difference between meter-band-drop and meter-band-dscp-remark, because I have seen that server report only limited rate without to tell any packets drop when I used meter-band-drop?

Thank a lot

2016-02-20 23:54:48 -0700 asked a question Meter Flow

I have a problem with meters. I can add normal flows by REST(using postman) and they work fine. I can see them on the switch and on the controller ( ...restconf/operational/...) but when i create a meter, it gives me success putting in but when i'm going to see it in ..restconf/operational... nothing appears and it gives me error - application data-missing Request could not be completed because the relevant data model content does not exist. It gives me the same error creating an flow using the meter (success-ok) but again when going to see it if it's operational , the same error... what you think it is? thanks

2016-02-20 23:52:04 -0700 answered a question PROBlem adding meter - Postman

Have you got a solution for your problem? could you share it with us?