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2016-01-25 08:41:32 -0700 asked a question IO exception /META-INF/yang/myfile.yang is missing

Hello I am trying to register an rpc service (BindingAwareBroker.RpcRegistration<myservice> reg= getRPCregistrydependency().addRPCImplementation(myservice.class,myobject) ).When i am doing mvn clean install all runs perfectly but when i run my controller i have an ioexception /META-INF/yang/myfile.yang is missing.I dont know wahy this is happenning i think tha i am missing a dependency or something.please help.


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2016-01-21 01:20:59 -0700 asked a question input a mac in opendaylight

hey all

i want to write a programm which will take an input of a mac address and then will search if this mac exists in opendaylight inventory.I want to ask if there is any easy way to give an input to opendaylight without write a yang.


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2016-01-09 07:39:04 -0700 commented question delete flows

I didnt push the flows the odl-l2switch-switch pushed them.

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2016-01-05 20:31:14 -0700 answered a question delete flows

thanks for the answers. I tried to delete flows with salflowservice and it didnt work.So i decided to hear the changes in operational datastore through datachangelistener.So i hear the flows that l2switch is pushing and then iam trying to delete them.But that didnt work either.So can anyone explain to me the procedure that salflowservice adds/deletes/updates flows because i cant find any information about this.

Thanks a lot!

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2016-01-01 07:37:13 -0700 asked a question delete flows

hi how can i delete flows which odl-l2switch-switch feature is pushing to my mininet switch? thanks

2015-12-18 06:08:24 -0700 asked a question SalFlowService Updateflow


I am trying to update an existing flow via salflowservice.My procedure is that i take a flowadded notification then i pass this notification to the originalflow constructor then i create another flow and i pass this new flow to the updateflow constructor then i call saldlowservice.updateflow( i cnt see my updated flow in mininet switch.what i am doing wrong ? please explain to me the right procedure.

2015-12-18 06:00:16 -0700 asked a question what i need to update an exeisting flow?

I am trying to update an existing flow but something goes wrong and i cant update it.Could someone explain to me what i have to do to update an existing flow through salflowservice.updateflow().