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How to write to BGP Peers


I installed the BGP-packages and connected to a Juniper Router in both directions (or so I thought). If I look at the RIB through RESTCONF I see the routes that the router exports through BGP. When I now try to put a route in the table using a POST request to http://myodl:8181/restconf/config/bgp-rib:application-rib/example-bgp-rib/peer/tables/bgp-types%3Aipv4-address-family/bgp-types%3Aunicast-subsequent-address-family/bgp-inet:ipv4-routes

I neither see it when querying http://myodl:8181/restconf/operational/bgp-rib:bgp-rib/rib/example-bgp-rib/

nor does it show up on the router. I also monitored the BGP traffic between OpenDaylight and the router and there is no BGP Update message from ODL towards the router. Should this be at all possible?

Also I saw that the bgp-flowspec rule I have on the router is not learnt by OpenDayLight

Any help welcome,