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Following errors are coming when I am trying to integrate karaf with plugin2oc module.

Within odl controller I have copied plugin2oc module.Within this plugin2oc module I have following subfolders: -common |-parent |-pom.xml -neutron |-src |-target |-pom.xml -pom.xml Apart from this I have created features subfolder inside plugin2oc where I have created pom.xml and feature.xml.Now when I am giving parent as pom.xml of plugin2oc,it is giving follwing errors.Kindly help as soon as possible.

[ERROR] The project org.opendaylight.plugin2oc:plugin2oc.project-features:0.1 (/home/tcs/Desktop/controller/opendaylight/plugin2oc/features/pom.xml) has 3 errors [ERROR] Unresolveable build extension: Plugin org.apache.karaf.tooling:karaf-maven-plugin:${karaf.version} or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Failed to collect dependencies for org.apache.karaf.tooling:karaf-maven-plugin:jar:${karaf.version} (): Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.apache.karaf.tooling:karaf-maven-plugin:jar:${karaf.version}: Could not transfer artifact org.apache.karaf.tooling:karaf-maven-plugin:pom:${karaf.version} from/to opendaylight-public ( Invalid uri '${karaf.version}/karaf-maven-plugin-${karaf.version}.pom': escaped absolute path not valid -> [Help 2] [ERROR] Unknown packaging: kar @ line 12, column 14 [ERROR] 'build.plugins.plugin.version' for org.apache.karaf.tooling:karaf-maven-plugin must be a valid version but is '${karaf.version}'. @ line 27, column 18