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VTN - mininet not creating switches


Can anyone advise why mininet would not be creating the switches for a custom topology? I have ran through the VTN L2networkwithsinglecontroller as per the tutorial:VTNCoordinator:RestApi:HowtoconfigureL2NetworkwithSingleController) but when I try the multi-controller tutorial, everything seems to work o.k. except when I "sudo ovs-vsctl show" in mininet there are no switches available?

I used the custom script from the tutorial, and as I said, mininet appears to connect to both controllers and create the network without issue, but then no switches are actually created?

Should I manually set the ovs manager on the controllers or mininet (e.g. sudo ovs-vsctl set-manager tcp:"ActualNodeIP":6640), or is there possibly a ODL Karaf module besides "odl-vtn-manager-rest" required?

Thank you in advance for any advice given.