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Not able to access GUI using http://localhost:8181/index.htm


I have installed all the required feature for accessing the ODL GUI but I'm not able to access it using the given url. When I checked for the listening ports I found that there is no process listening on port 8181. Please help

opendaylight@ubuntu:~$ lsof -i COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME java 2609 opendaylight 28u IPv6 19295 0t0 TCP *:50719 (LISTEN) java 2609 opendaylight 50u IPv6 21739 0t0 TCP *:8101 (LISTEN) java 2609 opendaylight 55u IPv6 21742 0t0 TCP *:rmiregistry (LISTEN) java 2609 opendaylight 56u IPv6 21743 0t0 TCP *:44444 (LISTEN) java 2609 opendaylight 140u IPv6 19321 0t0 TCP localhost:48522 (LISTEN) chromium- 3939 opendaylight 152u IPv4 112648 0t0 TCP> (ESTABLISHED) chromium- 3939 opendaylight 153u IPv4 43022 0t0 UDP *:mdns