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Data Change Listeners and Cluster

My application requires all instances being notified when there is a data change in a Opendaylight cluster environment. Currently, only one instance (or member) of the cluster is being notified when there is a data change in the model.

Is it possible to register the listeners to be notified all of them? I did not found anything in the API to force this behaviour.

I'm using following configuration and code to register the listeners

In the Module create instance method

        final ListenerRegistration<DataChangeListener> dataChangeDevicesListenerRegistration =
                    CliconfProvider.DEVICES_IID, appProvider, DataChangeScope.SUBTREE);

In the application provider-impl.yang file

container data-broker {
            uses config:service-ref {
                refine type {
                    mandatory false;
                    config:required-identity mdsal:binding-async-data-broker;