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dependencies.dependency.version for * is missing

i have imported config in my yang model resuleted this error during compile using maven:

    [ERROR]   The project firsts.toaster:toster-api:1.0-SNAPSHOT (/home/happysmile/code/odl/toster/api/pom.xml) has 7 errors
[ERROR]     'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.opendaylight.controller:config-api:jar is missing. @ line 35, column 18
[ERROR]     'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.opendaylight.controller:sal-binding-api:jar is missing. @ line 39, column 18
[ERROR]     'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.opendaylight.controller:sal-binding-config:jar is missing. @ line 43, column 18
[ERROR]     'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.opendaylight.controller:sal-common-util:jar is missing. @ line 47, column 18
[ERROR]     'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.opendaylight.controller:yang-jmx-generator-plugin:jar must be a valid version but is '${config.version}'. @ line 58, column 16
[ERROR]     'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.opendaylight.controller:sal-binding-broker-impl:jar is missing. @ line 61, column 18
[ERROR]     'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.opendaylight.controller:sal-binding-broker-impl:test-jar is missing. @ line 66, column 18

i created the project using mvn archetype:generate, so how can i find corresponding versions of modules? or is there anyway to skip this?