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How to confirm whether the mininet is connected to ODL? without using UI(Browser URL)

i launched the ODL and installed features odl-restconf-all,odl-l2switch-switch,odl-dlux-core

Now Launched mininet by using command -> sudo mn --controller=remote,ip= --topo=tree,2

odl2@ip-172-31-4-47:~$ sudo mn --controller=remote,ip= --topo=tree,2 * Creating network Adding controller Adding hosts: h1 h2 h3 h4 Adding switches: s1 s2 s3 Adding links: (s1, s2) (s1, s3) (s2, h1) (s2, h2) (s3, h3) (s3, h4) Configuring hosts h1 h2 h3 h4 Starting controller c0 Starting 3 switches s1 s2 s3 ... Starting CLI: mininet> dump <host h1:="" h1-eth0:"" pid="2827"> <host h2:="" h2-eth0:"" pid="2832"> <host h3:="" h3-eth0:"" pid="2834"> <host h4:="" h4-eth0:"" pid="2836"> <ovsswitch s1:="" lo:,s1-eth1:none,s1-eth2:none="" pid="2844"> <ovsswitch s2:="" lo:,s2-eth1:none,s2-eth2:none,s2-eth3:none="" pid="2847"> <ovsswitch s3:="" lo:,s3-eth1:none,s3-eth2:none,s3-eth3:none="" pid="2850"> <remotecontroller{'ip': ''}="" c0:="""" pid="2821"> mininet> pingall Ping: testing ping reachability h1 -> X X X h2 -> X X X h3 -> X X X h4 -> X X X ** Results: 100% dropped (0/12 received) mininet>

I am not able to ping from mininet. 1)How to check/confirm whether the mininet is connected to ODL? 2)If it is connected,how to see/list the hosts/devices from ODL-terminal(Not using Browser URL)

Please help me to solve this problem..Thanks in advance..