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send extension matches error.Schema node 'nxm-nx-reg' was not found in module

Hello,I have a question.I try to send a flowmod message with extension matches defined in nicira.Then I send the message by the way from wiki.

<extension-list xmlns="urn:opendaylight:openflowplugin:extension:general"> <extension-key xmlns:nxnb="urn:opendaylight:openflowplugin:extension:nicira:match">nxNB:nxm-nx-reg0-key</extension-key> <extension> <nxm-nx-reg xmlns="urn:opendaylight:openflowplugin:extension:nicira:match"> <reg xmlns:nxsb="urn:opendaylight:openflowjava:nx:match">nxSB:nxm-nx-reg0</reg> <value>42</value> </nxm-nx-reg> </extension> </extension-list>

But It show Schema node 'nxm-nx-reg' was not found in module".Please show me the right way to send the extension matches.