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Fault recovery link down

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Is it possible to use a looping topology and send package on the link that is not in use at the beginning?
If one link goes down I still want to be able to ping all the hosts in the network.
How is this done, is it a setting that needs to be changed?

If i take down the link between s3 and s2 down, I still can ping all the host. When I take down the link between s3-> s1 and s3->s2 up only h1 and h2 can ping eatch other.

I create flows on s3 and s2 that should force the package from h3 -> h2 to use the link between s2->s3 but still it is not possible to ping. The statistic for the flow don't change either. If all the links are up in the topology, the statistics for the flow is changed.

The flows are created via the REST API. image description

The flows are created as the sample flow, but with different ouput and ipv4-destination. sampleFlow.PNG

Thanks in advance