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I would like to extend OF1.3, where should I start.

Hi, all,

Our group plans to extend the OF1.3 library to support additional functions and would you please point out which folder shall I start with?

Currently, we found two related libraries: (1) At thirdparty/openflowj which seems to support OF1.0 only. (2) under protocol_plugins/openflow/.

We decide to choose the second one since it seems to support OF1.3. But I have three questions. (1) How this plugin decides whether to choose OF1.0 or OF1.3? Are both protocols written in that library? Where can I find the OF1.3 part. (2) If I extend OF1.3, shall I extend the SAL as well? (3) Can this plugin become standalone and directly communicate with applications, i.e. bypass SAL?