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How to get the Ip Address of a host node?

I have tried with no avail to make my controller automatically detect which ip addresses are linked to which host nodes.

More precisely, I want to create a Map object associating NodeConnector(s) (or TerminationPoint) to IpAddress(es) of the host nodes at the other end of the Link.

I have installed l2switch and know that it is actively learning the ip address of host nodes, as when I query network-topology, I obtain juicy information:

"node-id": "host:06:03:09:94:c4:e7",
"termination-point": [
    "tp-id": "host:06:03:09:94:c4:e7"
"host-tracker-service:attachment-points": [
    "tp-id": "openflow:7:5",
    "corresponding-tp": "host:06:03:09:94:c4:e7",
    "active": true
"host-tracker-service:addresses": [
    "id": 5,
    "ip": "",
    "first-seen": 1507640107999,
    "last-seen": 1507640107999,
    "mac": "06:03:09:94:c4:e7"

So there is clearly a way to access the information. I know that either l2switch's AddressTracker, or HostTracker, or both are responsible for providing this information.

I'm just not clear on how best to access it inside the Java code (which classes these informations are mapped to, etc.).