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After integrating Opendaylight Helium SR2 with OpenStack Juno

Hello. I successfully integrated the OpenDaylight with the latest OpenStack, and it seemed working fine; I created two instances over VXLAN setting and both of them could communicate with each other via PING. I followed the guide at

The problems are,

  1. Even if I created VM no hosts were added in DLUX UI. I could see OpenvSwitches alone.

  2. Furthermore, I cannot add any flow entries on any switches. Actually, I could see no switch at Node in Flows menu. I want to control flows of OpenvSwitch on Compute Node(s), e.g., disable to forward ICMP PING packets temporalily and enable it again.

  3. Lastly, the communication between two VMs was suddenly down, though I never touch anything about both OpenDaylight and OpenStack... It's really weird.

Please let me know how to do about the 1, 2 and how to solove the 3.

Thanks in advance.