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how opendaylight determines 2 nodes are connected to each other?

So, basically, i have such a configuration:

-------- --------- ---------------- | A | -eth0--> eth0 -| B | -eth4 ----- LAN ------eth4 | Controller | -------- --------- -----------------

node A and B are 2 ovs-switch.... I can get both A and B to connect to the controller, but the controller, in my case OpenDaylight, does not draw a line between A and B in the GUI... meaning it doens't know they are connected together, right?.... how can we have both connected? If i had a br0:1 interface on A with the LAN subnet that is between B and the controller, it shows that br0:1 address as a host connected to B for that address.

Anyone knows why it doesn't see a link between A and B or why it sees br0:1 as a host? Does anyone know how the controller determines if 2 nodes are connected to each other (in my case I would expect it to see that eth0 in br0 of A is connected to eth0 in br0 of B)... maybe by knowing that i could fix that up ...