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opeflow plugin: How to get notification when switch connects


I am writing my first ODL application with the openflow plugin. I am working with carbon. I want to get a notification when a switch connects. I am trying the following code in the provider :

               WakeupOnNode wakeupListener = new WakeupOnNode();
    // final InstanceIdentifier<Table> instanceIdentifier = InstanceIdentifier.create(Node.class).augmentation(FlowCapableNode.class).child(Table.class);

    final InstanceIdentifier<Table> instanceIdentifier = InstanceIdentifier.builder(Nodes.class).child(Node.class).

    final DataTreeIdentifier<Table> dataTreeIdentifier = new DataTreeIdentifier(LogicalDatastoreType.OPERATIONAL, instanceIdentifier);

    this.dataBroker.registerDataTreeChangeListener(dataTreeIdentifier, wakeupListener);

But alas I see no notification appear in my WakeupOnNode listener.

( I took this code from the openflowplugin samples.) Where can I find some documentation on how to do this?

Thank you in advance for your help.