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Research: What are the biggest security challenges in SDN and OpenDaylight?

Hi all,

I am currently finishing a Masters at Edinburgh Napier University and currently writing my dissertation.

My research focus is on SDN Security, I wanted to ask developers close to this project what they feel are the areas that need more research and focus. I have around 12 weeks of solid research and development into SDN and SDN Security.

Any code I write I hope that it is relevant and can be contributed back to the community and hope that someone may find the research and code useful.

I am trying to narrow down and focus on one or two specific research problems in SDN /SDN Security. Through my research into these areas, I will develop some code, do some tests, discuss and publish the findings.

I would really appreciate any feedback from fellow developers on the areas of SDN that they believe could benefit from a few months of intense study, research and development.

My email is patricklismore[a-t]

best regards