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How to resolve this issue while running OpenDayLight Java Maven Imported project in Eclipse?

I successfully able to import the Existing Maven project from outside my workspace folder in Eclipse. Import all of the OpenDaylight projects into eclipse 1. From Eclipse, go to File => Import => Maven => Existing Maven Projects 2. Browse to the root directory of the git repository 3. All of the projects should be selected by default, just click Finish

But, when I try to Run As the project it shows the following error:

Variable references non-existent resource :

The project is git pulled at /home/milson/opendaylightOrg/controller/

The Eclipse is at /home/milson/Downloads/eclipse/

My workspace is set at /home/milson/workspace/

I am unable to continue to RUN ODL using Eclipse but from CLI it's working perfectly.

How to fix this Java IDE issue? and successfully run the project!