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HP switch and ODL Beryllium


I am a PhD student from Brazil. Our research lab has acquired a HP switch (HPE 5130) and Im having problems to integrate this switch with the ODL controller. In particular, I have used the configuration guide which is provided by HP, ODL Beryllium and the -of13 karaf option, but although the switch always appears in the topology ODL GUI, the two client hosts are never visible. The 2 hosts cannot ping each other. So it appears to me that the ODL controller is not able to install the proper flow rules so that the hosts can see each other (as I saw ODL does in other simulations I run using it with Mininet and OVS). Is there any mandatory package that I must install to perform communication between ODL and HP switches? Do I have to perform some kind of previous configuration on the hp switch so that ODL can properly use the flow tables and install the flow rules in particular? Do I have to use a specific OpenFlow version?

Anyway, if anybody has successfully created a simple 2hosts topology using ODL and a HP switch can give a novice any direction about how to create a 2hosts topology with one HP switch---so that ODL is able to install flow rules that allow the 2hosts ping each other as well as all nodes appear in the topology GUI view---, let me know, please. Thanks,