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Ping fails in Mininet topology when using remote controller

I am using Mininet to start a topology with an OpenDaylight controller (Boron-SR2 version), like this :

sudo mn --custom --topo mytopo --controller=remote,ip=<CONTROLLER_IP>

The messages shown after this command are :

*** Creating network
*** Adding controller
*** Adding hosts:
h1 h2 h3
*** Adding switches:
s1 s2 s3
*** Adding links:
(h1, s1) (h2, s2) (h3, s3) (s2, s1) (s3, s2)
*** Configuring hosts
h1 h2 h3
*** Starting controller
*** Starting 3 switches
s1 s2 s3 ...
*** Starting CLI:

File is the following :

from mininet.topo import Topo

class MyTopo( Topo ):
    "Simple topology example."

    def __init__( self ):
        "Create custom topo."

        # Initialize topology
        Topo.__init__( self )

        # Add hosts and switches
        host1 = self.addHost( 'h1' )
        host2 = self.addHost( 'h2' )
        switch1 = self.addSwitch( 's1' )
        switch2 = self.addSwitch( 's2' )
        switch3 = self.addSwitch( 's3' )

        # Add links
        self.addLink(switch1, switch2)
        self.addLink(switch1, switch3)
        self.addLink(switch2, switch3)
        self.addLink(host1, switch1)
        self.addLink(host2, switch3)

topos = { 'mytopo': ( lambda: MyTopo() ) }

Everything seems normal, but pingall fails :

mininet> pingall
*** Ping: testing ping reachability
h1 -> X 
h2 -> X 
*** Results: 100% dropped (0/2 received)

This is also depicted in DLUX. In the topology, only the switches are shown, and without any links between them. However if I type the command :

mininet> links

in Mininet, I get :

h1-eth0<->s1-eth3 (OK OK)
h2-eth0<->s3-eth3 (OK OK)
s1-eth1<->s2-eth1 (OK OK)
s1-eth2<->s3-eth1 (OK OK)
s2-eth2<->s3-eth2 (OK OK)

What is going wrong?