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Topology link issue : Openstack (VLAN segmentation) + ODL


Iam seeing an issue where odl-dlux topology view does not show me the link between two nodes. My setup is as below:

  1. Openstack in VLAN segmentation mode
  2. ODL
  3. One compute node

Link missing between compute node and controller node in dlux ui.

I verified that same thing works without any issues when Openstack is in VXLAN trunk mode.

Investigation : 1. Verified that lldp-speaker is installed in ODL 2. Verified that lldp punt to controller rules are installed both on compute node and controller node 3. Verified that lldp packetouts sent by controller for both both nodes but no packetins 4. Verified that lldp punt to controller rule packet count is zero.

Just wanted to know if Openstack is in VLAN mode, will ODL support the usecase atleast for topology display. One observation i have is:

  1. I see ODL sending lldp packets on all discovered ports (ofcourse except local) on one node (br-int, br-aux, tap ports)
  2. But on the other i see lldp packets being sent on only br-aux port and not on tap ports - particularly i see that the tap ports on this node has MAC address 00:00:00:00:00:00 which looks weird.

Any pointers to debug further please ?

Regards Yugandhar