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goal "install-kars“ of karaf-maven-plugin 3.0.3 takes too long time?

I use openflowplugin/distribution/karaf/pom.xml to build karaf which includes my own features through "mvn clean install" command. And when it executes goal of karaf-maven-plugin "install-kars", it resoving features and installs their own bundles, but it looks that different features which depends on the same feature will install feature-depended repeatedly, so the building will take more than 12 minutes to complete rather than 2 or 3 minutes normal. karaf-maven-plugin version is "3.0.3". When I change this version to "3.0.1", it takes normal time to what I want to ask is what is difference between karaf-maven-plugin "3.0.3 " and "3.0.1" and why "3.0.3" takes more time and how to solve it?